Cat breeds beginning with G-H-I. History and characteristics | Pets

1Gato mounted (Geoffroy ’ s Cat)


Is a species of very few people know, the Wildcat was discovered by the French naturalist Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire. It is a small cat … Read the rest

2German Angora

German Angora

At the end of the 19th century appeared repeatedly in the paintings of Anton July Adam, call “Adam-Gatos”, in the from Read the rest

3German longhair

German longhair

German long-haired has waited long time for international recognition despite the breed standard and the … Read the rest

4German Rex

German Rex

The first documented German Rex was "munk", a curly cat descendant of a Russian Blue and a Read the rest

5Havana Brown

Havana Brown

Siamese ancestry, Russian Blue, household cats.
Chocolate colors
Records of CFA breeds, TICA

In the world of cats, Havana floor has two … Read the rest

6Highland Fold

Highland fold

Item is crossings made between Scottish Fold and the Exotic, Although the long hair is a gene … Read the rest



The Cat Highlander is a relatively new breed, the first litter back to the year 2004. This race is a little rare, … Read the rest



These cats are friendly, intelligent and, in general, and social good classmates. Due to its heritage of Siamese cats … Read the rest

9Honey bear

Honey bears

Honeybear cat is one of the most beautiful races. There are many myths about the Honeybear cat, but the facts are few. The … Read the rest

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