They are a dog with a possible hanging in Bolaños injury (Ciudad Real) – Spain

A young couple were found yesterday in one of the ditches of the highway that goes from Bolaños to Almagro de Calatrava a dog with "obvious signs of having been hanged" and a fracture in one of his legs. A year of life animal is a crusader of various breeds (mestizo) and he was transferred to the Equican clinic in the capital, where your veterinarian, Carlos Espinar assured that the dog has "important injury of having suffered a hanging", because as explained "it has the rope wound in the neck".

The bitch, It carried no microchip, need to now be operated. An intervention, said for Espinar, It is a cost of a few 500 EUR, so with the aim of seeking funding shall be carried out some posters with his image, It will be distributed by different parts of the capital and the province, and thus to raise the maximum money possible. Although at the moment it is unknown who has been able to carry out this fact, from the protective of animals of Ciudad Real and with the help of Espinar, Veterinary partner of the protective, We will work to clarify what happened, because «you have to give out this type of things». And is that, According to the own veterinarian is not the first time that throughout his entire professional career he has encountered situations like this, "somewhat frequently", Adds.

It could be many cases like this, says, so well remember the time where he had to go to a container in search of a living dog with a bait in one of his legs.

Via: latribunadeciudadreal

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