Hamilton Stövare

Hamilton Stövare

Hamilton Stövare It is a breed of dog developed in Sweden by the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, Count Adolf Hamilton (Hence its name). This is a sniffer which from its origins was used for hunting hares and foxes. Among his ancestors are hounds Germans, Swiss, the race English Foxhound and race Harrier.

Hamilton Stövare is known for its characteristic white spot on the head down the neck, the four white legs, and the white tail. The most marked difference from the English Foxhound is that his body is lighter.

These hounds have long years of history, According to the existing documentation, they are present in Sweden since 1500.
A canine exhibition held in Stockholm in the year 1886, marked the history of these dogs, There were two hounds copies (Pang and Stella), owned by count Adolf Hamilton.

These two dogs are considered to be the origin of current Hamilton Stövare. At that time, was called, simply, "Swedish dog". Only in the year 1921 It was given the name of Hamilton Stövare, in honor of the first President of the Swedish Club Kennel (Count Adolf Hamilton) and their involvement in the creation and development of the breed.

Much time has passed and today Stövare Hamilton is a breed of dog with greater number of copies in Sweden. This year the “Svenska Stövarklubb (Club Stövare Hamilton Swedish)” It has held its 100 years.

It's a healthy and strong breed, both physically and mentally. As mentioned it is a strong dog, well built, muscular, but light.

Hamilton Stövare is an excellent hunting dog, is valued for his great intelligence and agility. Why which is very popular among hunters, his intelligence allows you to develop strategies for hunting, as for example, camouflage among the bushes and there wait the right time to jump and scare their prey. Hamilton Stövare is very good hunting individually, no longer both Pack.

His hair coat is tricolour (white, black and Brown) very brightly colored. The hair should be thick and glued to the body. The layer requires normal maintenance and should only be bathed when necessary.

The colors are distributed in the following way:

Upper part of the neck, the back, on the sides of the trunk and in the upper part of the tail is black. Head and legs, as well as a part of neck, the trunk and tail must be Brown. And white marks appear at the top of the snout, in the lower part of the neck, the chest, the legs and feet (as if they were socks) and the tip of the tail. A mixture of black and Brown only, is undesirable, as well as, a preponderance of any of the three supported colors.

Their eyes of dark honey, they convey an expression of tranquility, but it will also give an impression of strength and marked resistance.

The height at the cross in the males is of 53 a 61 cm and the females of 49 a 57 cm..

It is a very healthy breed with a good mentality. Hip Dysplasia is usually present. Their life expectancy is around the 13 years.

Hamilton Stövare is a friendly dog with a calm temperament. It is flexible, easy to train and have very strong hunting instinct, is necessary to socialize them small.

Hamilton Stovare

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