Honey bear

Honeybear cat is one of the most beautiful races. There are many myths about the Honeybear cat, but the facts are few. The breeder Ann Baker, creator of the Ragdoll breed, He claimed to have created the Honey bears through the combination of a Persian Cat and the DNA of a Skunk through artificial insemination

In any case, this breed has large eyes, with very rich colors ranging from gold to copper. Reproduced in all colors. They have unusually long hair, you need to brush several times a week to avoid the tangled.

The name reportedly derives from the tendency of the Honey Bear cats to sleep on the floor, What gives them some resemblance with a bear skin rug.

It's a big cat, the weight of the adult male is 5,5 and 6,5 Kg. and females between 4,5 and 5,5 Kg.. They are muscular and are much larger than they really are, due to his long hair, soft and fluffy. Its tail seems strange, Since it is shorter than normal, very swollen and flat on the sides instead of round.

The Honeybear is very social, loving and not like anything that leave them alone.

They are really as big babies and go running to the “MOM” If you are worried or frightened. Enjoy sitting and sleeping on your side. In regards to care, they are high maintenance cats.

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