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Today marks the 47 years of theft who put in check the world of 1966 and he had a dog named Pickles as hero.

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The history of football is full of little stories, some of them close to incredible. Today marks the 47 years of theft who put in check the world of 1966 and he had a dog named Pickles as hero. A normal dog of one ordinary citizen. If Hurst gave England the World Cup with his goals, Pickles made possible that Bobby Moore lifted the Jules Rimet to heaven in London at the old Wembley.

It was March of the 66, four months to start the World Cup, and the World Cup was on tour in England so that everyone could see it. The 20 of March was at Westminster Central Hall and the unimaginable occurred: an oversight of the guards and the theft of the Cup, taking advantage of the thief or thieves the back door. Alarms jumped and Scotland Yard put hands to work.

La policía recibió una llamada del ladrón, it located in an Exchange: Cup in exchange for 15.000 pounds. The operation ended in failure. La policía arrestó antes de tiempo a la persona que recibiría el dinero, It said to be only an intermediary and not knowing anything about the Jules Rimet. The situation, less than four months after the start of the World Cup, was dramatic.

And suddenly, appeared Pickles. Siete días después de que la Copa fuera robada, a man named David Corbett came out walking with your dog, que de pronto se alejó unos metros y comenzó a escarbar en la tierra de un jardín. Corbett was where was the dog and saw something wrapped in a newspaper. When evolved it, se encontró con la Copa que había hecho soñar a leyendas futbolísticas como Piola, Schiaffino, Varela, Rhan, Pelé or Garrincha. Ahí estaba la Copa del Mundo, in your hands. Corbett se puso en contacto con la policía, Initially it took him as a prime suspect. La historia resultaba poco verosímil, but following an interrogation they came to the conclusion that it was real. A dog called Pickles, un ‘collie’ black and white, había salvado el honor del Mundial de Inglaterra.

Corbett received a reward of 6.000 euros and free food for Pickles for a year by a British company. It also, they were invited to the dinner that Queen Isabel II offered after the triumph of England against Germany in the final (4-2, with controversy, but that's another story). Pickles died one year later, ahogado con su propia correa mientras perseguía a un gato. Hero of the world of 1966, could not attend the inauguration of the world's 1970, al que había sido invitado.

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