Traces achieves a House of refuge in Puertollano for 245 dogs in the past two years

The reception centre of animals the humane manages “Footprints” Puertollano has achieved the adoption of 245 dogs since he started the activity of this group in February of the 2011, as reported this morning in the Councillor for health press conference, Eva Morales, the President of traces aompanada, Karen Caws, and and one of the leaders of the protective, Veronica mile.

A comvocatoria in which also gave that account last year adopted a total of eighty dogs in different parts of the country and in the 2012 already been made search a home to others 105 canes. International expansion also grows and is the adoption of sixty dogs hunting and mestizos in France has materialized, United States, The Netherlands and Italy.

Currently the Centre attends to 250 dogs, a large amount according to in the words of the President of footprints, Karen Caws, Since it had to be a place where all the needs, evaluate the animal and its subsequent sterilization so that he would be ready for their departure.

Four hundred dogs have gone through its facilities

Since that traces took charge of the Centre, in May of the 2011, they have been 400 tickets, of which only half have achieved an adoption home. This summer there have been many adoptions, We are but it is very difficult to maintain a balance”, noted Verónica Milla.

The Councillor for health, Eva Morales, He emphasized the important work being done footprints, from the collection of abandoned animals to pass among the smallest values and responsibility of having a pet. The City Council apart from yielding installations to this collective makes an annual contribution of 36.000 EUR.

Open doors day

The intense activity that performs some footprints is where you can meet in the open days which will be held until this Friday at the Centro de Estudios Universitarios. These days concerned may inform the process of adoption of a dog, which will be the animal more suited to the environment and lifestyle.

According to detailing Karen Caws also the collaboration of citizens in search of shelter will be asked for a puppy, you need a special care for two or three weeks or a sick dog. How to sponsor an animal through the website where you can see animals will also be reported .

Another important pillars will be to find new volunteers that collaborate selflessly in the maintenance of facilities, walk dogs, clean, Paint, medicate always within the possibilities of each time, well a day a week or a month.

Will be various artisanal products from various places in Spain and everything raised will go towards the maintenance of the Centre, cleaning products and medicines.

Source: Press Puertoillano City Hall

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