Siberian Husky

Husky Siberiano

The Siberian Husky It is a breed of working dog native of Eastern Siberia. This breed has a similar accused with the Wolf: Medium-sized, It can weigh between 16 and 29 pounds and measure of 51 to 60 centimeters in height. Was originally raised by the Chukchi tribe, which was used as a companion dog, for pasture for deer, pull the sleds and keep warm for children; It is currently in very different areas of the world. They were brought to Alaska from the year 1908 and continuously for two decades because of the gold rush.

They were used to pull sleds, and especially for the All-Alaska Sweepstakes race, It comprised 657 Km. from Nome to Candle and back. Smaller, faster and better resistance to common dogs (between 45 and 54 kg) used in general, the Siberian immediately dominated the race.

At that time the females that were born were sacrificed at birth, and they only managed to survive those that presented a great vitality, that they were used for the reproduction. The males who were born also had to pass an aptitude test, running the same fate as the females, the Chukchi were very strict. The chosen, on the other hand, they were treated in an exceptional, with better food and better care.

In January of 1925, to 30 ° C below zero, in United States, a diphtheria epidemic struck a hard blow to the city of Nome, in Alaska. There the serum was insufficient to meet all those affected, and a big storm prevented takeoff of the plane containing the medicine. But a Husky named Balto and his companions crossed the Bering Strait and brought the necessary serum. The feat took 127 hours, more than five days.

It is widely recognized that the Husky originated exclusively with members of the Chukchi tribe of Eastern Siberia. There is evidence, However, that the siberians imported from the tribes of Koryak and Kamchadal. Recent DNA analysis reveals that this is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world.

The Siberian Husky is a very attentive and helpful dog because he is always willing to please his master.

Despite the fact that they are accustomed to living in herd, they develop a very close relationship with the owner or the family with the living. It is necessary that the owner of a Husky has enough character to be able to dominate the dog, and at the same time give him enough love to earn your respect. They also tend to be somewhat stubborn, proud, very independent and.

It is a robust dog and has an incredible similarity to the gray wolf. Its bark, Unlike other dogs that tend to be garish and annoying, is short and coarse; It is a dog that rarely ladra or bites, but he protects with a great intimidation. It shows a great happiness still in Pack and always prevails one alpha male; even if only in the case of two dogs, one of the two will prove to be the dominant. It is not advisable to live in solitude since they require a lot of affection.

To be dogs with much resistance, they may travel many kilometres, which makes it difficult to find them in the event of loss, so it is not recommended to let run the Husky without supervision.

The Husky does not require a brushed daily, as mistakenly thought, his fur is a protection to the inclement weather, you don't lose it until that come the summer periods in which performs the muda and loses the inner layer of hair, leaving only the surface layer, which it varies slightly its hue so again to replenish his fur in the face to the winter or colder periods. During the time of moulting is when you have to do the more continuous cepillados because we will help the dog to moulting takes place before. Contrary to what you think the Husky is a breed that fits quite well the heat and makes the shedding of hair during the months of heat you have only the outer layer of hair just like any other breed of dog. Love the Sun, and like to lie to the warmth.

Raised in a family environment Husky will only have the needs of the life he has done, that Yes, It is recommended that you walk on a daily basis and if it is possible to run it will be beneficiary to the health of the dog. But it is not true that I should run many miles, that would be necessary if the animal is dedicated to the competition.

There are several colors of black Husky, coffee, brown, red-haired and recently found the White. The history of the color white is that there is much snow in Siberia and for dogs camuflen with her some Husky are white. This color is very difficult to find because there are very few white Husky in the world. How to differentiate this dog with other white that is clear as blue and green colored eyes (Although only has an eye for color course), as other white as the Samoyed dogs, for example, they may not have color eyes clear. Their life expectancy is of 10 to 12 years.

Siberian Husky

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