They were going to kill to 500 dogs in China to produce food

 505 perros iban amontonados en 156 jaulas
Caged: The 505 dogs were stacked in 156 cages. Many died on the way. Photo: courtesy Daily Mail

The myth and prejudice that some retaurants serves food based on dogs is increasing with this news.

Last Tuesday, in the province of Yunnan They stopped a truck that was loaded with 505 dogs that went right to the slaughterhouse. The authorities suspected that the dogs (living and dead) they were to be used to produce food and in this way, they would be marketed in the culinary industry.

The truck was stopped Thanks to Twitter and Weibo users complaints (a widespread social network in China), It warned several activists who made the corresponding complaint that they stopped the truck.

But officials of the Department of inspection of animals could do nothing, According to Daily Mail, the owner of the truck had license to sell dogs. In China, as in other 10 countries, they believe that dog meat is fit for human consumption, which is why there is a law to protect animals in these cases.

Thus, the Group of defenders of dogs activists, opted to purchase the cargo (amounting to close to the 10 thousand dollars) to avoid that they become food.

To lower the truck, many animals had already died by the overcrowded conditions in which they were travelling. While in this case saved many dogs, the law protects not them, so ruled out that situations like this continue to occur in the Asian country.

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