Impressive images showing the funny side of the fearsome bears of the Arctic

osos del Ártico

These polar images show the face of one of the most powerful predators of nature.
White creatures moving images show the curiosity that they feel by the Chamber of the brave photographer of nature.

The incredible images were taken by photographer of the nature of New York, Steven Kazlowski, of 43 years,.
To explain how it was capable of approaching bears without being its lunch, He said: “I never went to them, in fact, Polar bears were who approached me.”

The young bears were particularly interested.
“These photographs require months of preparation” said photographer, and added: “I managed to take my photos to work with native guides. I had to wait for months to find the exact place where I knew that the animals would eventually appear.”

The images were taken in the Arctic wildlife national refuge, along the Arctic coast of Alaska.
Currently, there are around 20.000 wild bears who live in the Arctic Circle, but their numbers are falling rapidly.

That number could be reduced by two thirds in the middle of the century if the Arctic continues to be heated due to climate change, is what many experts predict.
In 2008, the U.S. Government.UU. He declared the polar bears in danger of extinction and banned the American hunters to return home with their trophies.
Norway is the only country that has banned the hunting of the species. Russia, Alaska and Greenland, allow indigenous communities to hunt the bears as a source of food.


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