Investigating two young men for the death of a dog thrown from a fifth floor

The dog was found by neighbours in a container.

The police crowded which led to the opening of proceedings in a magistrate's Court and the juvenile prosecutor of Alicante accuses two lads, one of them minor, a crime against the fauna and the flora. Witnesses in the area say that the animal shot by a balcony.

A magistrate's Court and the juvenile prosecutor of Alicante have opened proceedings to investigate an alleged animal abuse committed by two young, one of them minor, that supposedly he launched a dog from a fifth floor balcony of a building located in the street mathematician Romero of the Alicante capital last September.

The facts were reported to the service of protection of nature (Seprona) of the Civil Guard for the protective of animals and plants of Alicante, and Local police also opened an investigation to try to clarify what happened.

A crowded police at the Local police of Alicante, presented at the Palace of Justice of Benalúa shortly after the facts identified two youths of Moroccan and Ecuadorian nationality, the last minor, as the alleged perpetrators of a generic crime against the fauna and the flora.

The crowded incorporates testimonies from witnesses which clarify that the accused were enjoying floor the day of the incident because the guy who lived in the lent it for a party. Also, This inhabitant had given the House the real tenant of the property and owner, at the same time, the now deceased dog.

The Court of instruction number 3 Alicante has opened proceedings to investigate what has happened but it has not been able to locate so far reported adult, According to judicial sources indicated this daily, which specified that, for its part, the juvenile prosecutor has also done the same with respect to reported minor.

The animal attack occurred the past 24 September when, allegedly, a group of kids was drinking and listening to music in the home of a girl, owner of the dog, He was not in the House where the events took place. During the party, two kids, supposedly caught the dog and threw it into the void, where he was laying. The animal could be photographed by neighbors in a container of organic waste during the next morning, Although neighbours consulted by this newspaper didn't know how went to the container, It is located next to the school of adult Alberto Barrios.

The protective impulse

The alleged animal aggression was put in knowledge of Seprona of the Civil Guard by the protective company of animals and plants of Alicante, He asked that a criminal investigation was opened and that is attributed to the authors a crime of animal abuse. This entity described this episode of "barbarism" and complained that what happened could not be unpunished.

However, was the canine unit of the Local Alicante police which was able to identify, After opening its own investigation, the alleged perpetrators of abuse as well as the owner of the dog.

The police statement that arrived to the Court has forced the opening of proceedings in a magistrate's Court and the juvenile prosecutor to make the courts which are in charge of trying to clarify what has happened.

Apparently, According to sources consulted by this newspaper, the two accused youths would know because they coincided in a prison for minors.

Source: diarioinformacion

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8 May, 2018 1:27 am

As you can aver ke bad people kill the animals so QKE have more ke them corason

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