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The Jagdterrier (Terrier German Hunter)It is a type of working Terrier, originally from Germany, used for hunting both in surface as digging and searching in burrows. It is also known as German hunting Terrier. There are from the interwar period, so to avoid the massive entry of dogs in hunting of other countries, to enliven the national mythology with the recovery of extinct German races.

In the Jagdterrier, developed all the qualities of the hunting dogs. Although usually used for hunting Badger, Fox or raccoon, They also know driving boars, Remove rabbits from the bushes and keep tracks of blood as the injured deer.

Between the two world wars, the administrators of the game in Germany, focused on get rid of the “foreigners” or introduced species, and bring back extinct today which occupied a prominent place in the mythology of the nation.

One of the pioneers of this search was the peculiar Lutz Heck, the curator of the Zoo of Berlin. Interest in dogs was driven, in part, by his passion for hunting, and in part by a too hot nationalism mixed with desire to see what could be done with selective breeding.

Despite the fact that nationalism and the interest in genetic engineering were rising in Germany, the Terrier, also, they were reaching the height of fashion in much of Europe and United States.

The breeding program for the Jagdterrier, He was German in all senses of the word: He became in scale massive and constant in their selection criteria. The dogs were not of exclusive pedigree, or that it was considered, they did not have the desired quality, they were shot.

The first dogs were smooth and hard layer, but the breeding program was expanded and appeared with short fur Jagdterrier, hard, strong and fully prepared for inclement weather.

After only 10 years of more or less true breeding dogs, with a Patterdale similar appearance, but with more red in the landing gear.
The German Club of the Jagdterrier, It was founded in 1926, and the dog was warmly embraced by society, think of a purely German Terrier. Due to the historic moment that crossed, It fits well with the rise of nationalist feeling in Germany.

A typical of a Jagdterrier is black, and Tan with Tan and color oxide on the snout and the hind legs. Also, It can be coloured chocolate or brown with white spots, Although the chocolate color and white markings should be avoided in breeding programs, together with the chestnut. Brands of black colour and fire and rust should be the goal.

The Jagdterrier, measuring of 33 to 40 cm and weigh in 7,5 until 10 kg (19,8 to 22 lb). The tail is usually cortares (Although not always) to 2/3 the natural length.
The Jagdterrier were designed as hunting dogs. Although often used for hunting in burrows, especially Badger, Fox, wild boar, rabbits and other small vermin.

Due to his intelligence and ability to adapt, the Jagdterrier can be good pets, but we must remember that it is mainly a dog with a strong prey instinct.

Jagdterrier – Terrier German Hunter

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