Young people use animals to practice stabs in Cartagena (Colombia)

Machete, stab wounds, shocks and burns, These are some of aggression who suffer many animals unprotected in Cartagena.

The complaint is the director of the environmental guard of this capital, Roberto Ruiz Moreno, "those who say that"the most affected are the donkeys, given that we have received at least five of these animals with serious injuries in less than four days, "especially with cuts and chuzadas deep". (Click here to read: Homeless animals Rescue Foundation).

It ensures that the research done by this body indicate that many of these injuries are caused by adolescents and young people who use the animals as white to practice techniques of fighting with weapons.

Treatment and adoption

Attacked donkeys have been found by the national police and the environmental guard in neighborhoods like Torices, Nariño, Daniel Lemaitre and others close to the Hill of La Popa.

"One of the saddest cases is that of a donkey that was recently given birth and was recovered in moments in which children of a sector of Nariño it were attacking with punches and even took her calf but we don't know where", features Roberto Ruiz.

The tortured animals remain at the headquarters of the environmental guard of Cartagena in the spirit mangrove Park, where they receive care from doctors of the Municipal unit of technical assistance agricultural (Umata).

Once healthy, It is expected that the donkeys are adopted by farmers from nearby Cartagena municipalities.

At last, Roberto Ruiz asks citizens to make them witnesses of attacks on animals, It reporting through the single line of emergency 123.


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