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Posted by tiadoc | 12 May 2011

Kai Tora-Ken

Kai Tora-Ken

The Kai Tora-Ken It is a race that came from Japan. The Kai Ken, is - also- known as Kai Tora-ken, Kai Inu”, “Tora Inu”, or ” Tora Dog “, and ” Tiger Dog (by their striped fur, robust body and well developed muscles)”.

In 1934, the Japanese Government classified the race Kai Tora-Ken as a “Natural Heritage” the country's, and therefore protected by law. It was called the dog of Tora (Tiger Dog) mainly because of its colour and striped.

Kai Tora-ken were used for hunting wild boar and deer. Although until today is still used for these purposes, more and more Kai Tora-ken, they are pets and live in thousands of homes.

What differentiates a Kai Tora-ken, other spitz type dogs , is your coat. Kai Tora-ken has a layer of hair twice, a superior hair hard to the touch, and a dense and soft layer.

Kai Tora-ken come in three colors: Black striped, striped red and striped.

Another distinctive feature of this race is that puppies tend to have a solid layer of black color which becomes gradually striped, as it grows.

Despite the fact that this dog is very active, requires a minimum dose of exercise. A daily walk in the Park and a race a week should be enough to keep our Kai Tora-ken happy and satisfied. They are very good swimmers and excellent climbers of trees (feature that attracts much attention), so would a break into the field much like.

It is recommended that Kai Tora-ken has enough space to move, they adapt well to all situations, they may live in apartments with little space, but the owner has to make time to walk the dog daily, take it to somewhere that can run at your leisure.
It is a worthy dog, partner, totally dump his family, especially with the children, they tend to be very distrustful with strangers.

Kai Tora-Ken

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2 comments on “Kai Tora-Ken
  1. Mario says:

    I've been looking for a dog of this breed puppy, as the photo, with a striped color but the only thing I've found is information. You know any Kennel or some site where can accommodate a puppy?
    PD: I have a pretty broad field where would remain active

  2. Taro says:

    I also am looking for any breeder Kai Tora-Ken in Spain, Portugal. France, to go i see them before you get me one if anyone knows anything do it know, Thank you.

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