The adoption of abandoned animals is a priority for the City Council in the field of protection and animal welfare – Madrid

The people of Madrid adopted 618 dogs during the first half, similar to the same period of 2011

The adoption of abandoned animals is the main priority of the city of Madrid in the field of protection and animal welfare, It has been reported the consistory in a press release this Saturday, which indicates that the 84 percent of abandoned dogs that were rated as adoptable after its entry into the Centre of Animal protection of the city of Madrid found an owner during the first six months of 2012.

It is of 618 adopted dogs, very similar to the one recorded for the same period of 2011. These animals have found a new home after having been adopted by locals directly or through associations for the defence and protection of animals who collaborate with the city of Madrid in search of families willing to accommodate animals, for different reasons, they have been abandoned in the city.

The promotion of the adoption policy has led to the city of Madrid to enable new tools, such as the internet, to make easier access to information about these animals. In addition, It has expanded the timetable of adoption on Saturday morning and established a system of appointment which allows you to provide personalized attention to all adopters. In this way they are advised about the animal that is most suited to each case.


There are two types of adoption, the instructor-led requires appointment by phone 010, or on the internet, with Clip Gallery available at and, where a custom tab of some of the animals for adoption that host installations of the Animal Protection Center.

To adopt an animal is should prove to be of legal age, provide the ID or equivalent, and sign a document of adoption in which the ownership of the animal will be accepted and assume the obligations and responsibilities that entails that decision, including the take over of the care and attention that from that moment you need that animal.

Once in the Center, the potential adopter will make a guided visit to choose the animal to adopt. When it is already selected, the animal will be explored and reviewed by a veterinarian, time in which you will be identified and vaccinated against rabies. This last, in the case of dogs, and if the age and physical status of the animal allows it. In addition, Once paid the amount of identification and rabies vaccination, adoption document will be delivered to the owner, as well as the official immunization records.

A total of 307 of the 618 dogs adopted in the center of Animal protection during the first half of 2012 they were sterilized for free, an option increasingly more valued by the adoptive parents, Since it prevents multiple medical and behavioral problems associated with sexual activity in pets, at the same time it is an effective tool of control of unwanted litters that can be abandoned.


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