The DPZ sensitized to avoid the abandonment of animals

Perro Abandonado...The Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza you try to educate the residents of the province to prevent the abandonment of animals, through various campaigns and with the work that develops the hostel dogs available in move.

Speaking to Europa Press, the Deputy delegate of these facilities, Francisco Artajona, It has pointed out that, Although the issues related to public health and hygiene in the developing are competence of Councils, in the year 1995 provincial services already carried out a study on the problem posed in many localities the abandonment of animals and the presence of dogs ' vagrants’ or dangerous in the municipalities.

“Many consistories have no economic capacity or human resources to provide this service” and give a solution to this problem, so in 1996 the Diputación de Zaragoza signed an agreement with the town councils of the province to offer a service of collection of abandoned animals.

Like this, dogs that are collected in the municipalities are the hostel provincial institution has in the Zaragoza move district, with capacity “for twenty or thirty dogs and our own collection service”.

Alongside the collection of dogs 'vagrants' service, the institution also came free of charge to pick up animals whose families wanted to get rid of them “for various reasons, by not being able to keep them, by sick or because did not want to have them more”.


After analyzing this situation with associations, with the aim of “do not dispose people just like that” your pets and to avoid “foster” This attitude, the Diputación de Zaragoza has changed the terms of the agreements with municipalities so that it will not attend pick up animals from individuals, Although Yes it will maintain the service in case of stray dogs, to try to “avoid conducive to its abandonment”.

When began to provide this service, over the years 90, “We gather thousand dogs a year. Now people are more sensitive and no longer exist these abandoned dogs, the problem has disappeared almost in a 80 per cent”.

In this way, This provincial service workers already not attend private houses to pick up pets, Although it will “people come to leave them here (in the hostel of move)”, a service which will be charged now “a token amount”.

Is about maintaining the service in case of stray dogs but also of “not to provide facilities to the abandonment“, It has highlighted Artajona, to underline that this question “We are quite concerned about”. With regard to the future of the dogs listed, He has commented that “We have also encouraged the adoption free”, so that the persons concerned may adopt a dog in these facilities “totally free”.

Last but not least, the honourable Member has detailed that the institution is going to outsource the service of the kennel in move, with the agreement of the provincial groups of the DPZ, to improve the conditions of service and with the same objective of “foster adoptions” and, you have completed making, “We will be vigilant so that it works”.

Source: Europapress

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