The Kennel of move, saturated in the case of the farm of Ricla

Un animal en las instalaciones de Movera
An animal on the premises of move

To downtown, dependent of the DPZ, you only have space for 20 dogs. You would receive 53 from an illegal Ricla farm during the next three weeks.

A total of 53 dogs go ashore, over the next three weeks, in the Move Provincial health hostel, Centre of the DPZ It performs the functions of kennel in all areas of Zaragoza, except the capital. A dozen dogs already arrived during the Wednesday morning, and 41 others will do so in different batches over the next three weeks. They will come from Ricla, where they lived crowded in a swine farm in absolutely deplorable conditions.

Nothing else known by several of animal protection associations, the situation was denounced to the Seprona and the Guardia Civil La Almunia, He also received a notice from the own Ricla City Council at the behest of several residents of the municipality.

The 21 March, a day after receiving the notice, a patrol of the Seprona claimed in the scene, Noting the statements and confirming that the owner of the farm was committing, at least, ten offences of a serious nature.

Now, the half hundred of animals expected to find a home. Task that neither the DPZ nor the various associations is going to be anything simple. “In the centre there is room for 60 animals, and we now have a site for 20”, regrets Francisco Artajona, Deputy provincial responsible for the Center, who warns of the “saturation” of the enclosure.

“Associations do very good work, but sometimes between all do not give rude
. We need more adoptions, which is why we are coordinating with all the protective”, explains Artajona, Stressing the need to empty the enclosure to give shelter to new animals: “We are going to collect animals in different batches during the next three weeks, and meanwhile we hope to go giving up for adoption, that we have to continue providing services to all peoples”.

In a meeting with various advocacy associations, the provincial deputy It has committed itself to not sacrifice any animal, a precept which ensures maintaining, except in some “extreme cases”. “Our intention, and so I've done to know the protective, is to not sacrifice any animal. Not in vain, We have two months fulfilling the goal of zero sacrifice”, highlights.

How to adopt??

Since the DPZ they expect people to be encouraged to adopt animals. So there is a phone information (976 58 62 67) and email, as well as opening the gates of the campus move to the public in mornings.

On the other hand, from the provincial Council is expected to start an awareness campaign in tandem with the consistory Zaragoza.
Some protective, as Paw, are also available to interested parties the following emails: [email protected] and [email protected].


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