The Local Police of Arteixo saves a dog from being hanged on a tree – Galicia

The dog, After being rescued.

The animal, as it was located.

When officers arrived at the place where it was hung high, the dog was still alive

Two agents of the Arteixo Local Police last night rescued a puppy who was about to die by hanging if the security forces did not stop him.

The agents received the warning from a neighbor who warned of the presence of a dog hanging from a tree in a field of the parish of Swabian, in Arteixo.

A patrol that was near the area quickly responded to the call and found that he had a rope around his neck and that he had been hung from a considerable height with the clear intention of causing the death of the animal., Although he was alive.

The officers proceeded to remove the rope and down the tree. When was loose, they found that the animal was in a perfect state of health. They then proceeded to follow the standard protocol in these cases and the puppy was transferred to the Kennel that manages the As MARIà‘AS Consortium.

Crime of animal abuse

The municipal police are now trying to find out the identity of the person who has hung the dog, will fall within that a crime of animal abuse. It also, also requested cooperation of citizens to give the author of the facts.

The animal, It is located in the As MARIà‘AS Consortium Kennel, It can be adopted.

Those who are interested should please contact this service.

Source: SMH

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  1. Estou de excursão na Galiza e no percurso de PADRON para VILAGARCIA DE AROUSA , on the fast track of VilaGarcia ( 4.7), more or less the Km4, vimos um cão (Greyhound) White and brown color, very sick and have been hit because it had a broken legs. Ele atravessou a via e entrou para a vegetação. See if you can reach with the entities of the area. I call the no Spanish 986733333, but they directed me to the local police, mas como estou em viagem e em grupo não me foi possívelJá regressei a Portugal e os serviços de cá não podem ajudar. THANK YOU AND SAVE THIS ANIMAL-


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