Laperm (Short hair)

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The founder of this breed cat was born without hair in a litter of cats from farm in The Dalles, in Oregon. When at last grew it hair, eight weeks after, was soft and curly. Its owner, Linda Koehl, I call it Curly and during the next five years he created more rex cats, the basis of this race. The gene responsible for curly fur is dominant, What can establish a broad gene pool and, at the same time, create rex cats. This breed is provisionally accepted in records around the world, the crosses are allowed in without pedigree cats, and in Great Britain, in several basically Oriental breeds.

This was the first long-haired rex breed and has managed to have a significant recognition. Other examples of long-haired rex registered are mutations of established breeds, as the bohemian rex, a variant of the Persian, or the maine wave, a variant of the maine coon. They have failed their acceptance in the field of politics nor in the health.

This breed is elegant, It is wedge-shaped head and the legs, but it is much more moderate that the cornish rex or the Devon rex. Unlike these races, the laperm short and silky hair is thick and üene a moderate bottom layer. Although she is curious and sociable, This race is not the more familiar.

Source: Cats – Dr. Bruce Fogle

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