The desert Lynx

desert lynx

Desert lynx is originally from the United States and is the result of crosses between the lynxes of American short tail (Bobcat) with domestic cats.
The breeds used to create the desert Lynx initially are the Maine Coon, the Isle of Man, The American Lynx and Pixie Bob.

Do not need a license to possess a desert Lynx.

It is a big cat, strong and muscular. The head is large and round, males have more developed and broad JAWS. The muzzle is square and broad nose. The ears are large, with tufts of hair long in the tips and along the inner edge. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, its color varies from green to gold (they can be blue in the color of “snow”). The neck is thick and muscular, strong and muscular body, straight and with a very powerful lower train. The legs are strong and straight, the large foot with tufts of hair between the toes. The tail is short or else may lack.

They can be short or long hair, its fur is soft to the touch. You can have three types of patterns in the drawing of his fur:

  • Spotted (type Leopard): snow, Silver, blue, coal, Lavender, chocolate, red, copper, Beige and black.
  • Marble: just like the previous ones are but the pattern with rosettes instead of spots.
  • Clouded leopard: stains can become very large and in different ways.

They have a calm temperament, they are playful, affectionate and very loyal to their owners. They are intelligent and love to family life, they are also very social with other animals.

If you are looking for a desert Lynx, ask the breeder that cat or kitten is registered in the IPCBA.
If it is not the case and the cat is registered with REFR or other record, then what you are buying is probably a Lynx Highland.

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