Coslada dog owners will have to pay a fee of 25 EUR – Madrid (Spain)

The Mayor of Coslada ensures that you have to introduce new rates for the situation left by the previous socialist mayor, Angel Viveros.

Already the first mayor warned it a week ago. “Every time I see more likely have to put the rate of garbage back”, said Raul Lopez. And now the time has come. The mayor says that the cosladeños will have to pay this tribute to the consistory again before “the bad situation econoómica” living the municipal coffers, as reported by

Waiting for the budgeting with a view to next year, What is sure is that residents of Coslada will have to scratch the Pocket to help clean up the municipal accounts. Like this, as confirmed the Mayor, “Let's put the rate of garbage. They be a 45 euros per year approximately”, ensures.

This rate was eliminated during the last legislature where Lopez was Mayor. Behind him, during the tenure of Angel Viveros, It did not return to collect the neighbours. Now, the situation “very bad”, as as López, forced to reimpose this collection. “We bring forward this or this Council would have to be forced to take more drastic alternatives”, says the first mayor.

In the same way, There will also be a sewer rate “It will be included in the receipt of water” and whose amount, still to be determined, “will be small, little appreciable”, According to Alderman.

To finish, a novelty. The Ayuntamiento de Coslada will also impose a new rate to those neighbors that are owners of a dog. In this case, the amount would be of 25 euros per year.

“To all this I call him Angel nurseries rate, It is the heritage left to us by the Socialist Party. We are obliged to do this. What else would like I do but I am in the unfortunate situation of having to implement a rate and that is by mismanagement of Angel Viveros”, explains Raúl López.

Desiree Santos

Via: eldigitaldemadrid

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