Scooby shelters suffer the crisis

The fall of input from partners and adoptions of animal created a very difficult economic situation in the protective shelters

Scooby Zamora

Shelters of the protective of animals Scooby and its partners in the vallisoletanas cities of Medina del Campo and Laguna de Duero and Zamora pass through a very difficult economic situation due to collapse of the contributions of partners and supporters, just as in the number of adoptions of cats and dogs. This leads to the protector to have more and more animals and less money to keep them in proper conditions.

On the other hand, the new town hall of Laguna de Duero has decided to terminate the contract for years maintained with the protector for the collection of animals abandoned in the municipality. Like this, now that service will be carried out a private company to euthanasia of animals if after 21 days are not claimed by anyone. This contract reported to the protective 1.500 euros per month, According to Europa Press reported sources of the Organization.

Before this, Scooby has been obliged to waive part of its workforce and fear for its continuity. For this reason, He has performed appealed to animal lovers demanding any type of aid: money, Volunteers, foster homes, I think dog, CAT, rabbit or straw for farm animals.

If this situation continues, the protective considers that in a period of five months will not have sufficient funds to continue feeding the animals has received.

Europa Press

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