The Lurcher is a dog Hound of English origin whose name derives from “Lur” that means thief in Gypsy language. Always it has been acknowledged as the dog of the poachers so occasionally is called Poacher ’ s Dog (dog of fugitive).

As a result of its appearance (hairy and scruffy) It is not admitted in competitions but for many it is a dog to enhance. In general, the Lurcher is a cross between a hound and a working dog, What gives rise to many opportunities: Greyhound and Golden Retriever; Whippet and Border Collie.

In the event that you want a Lurcher with more features of hound that of working dog is often cross for the second time with a dog hound type. With this you get a dog faster than a working dog, but with the strength of this. The character of the Lurcher is derived from the best of parents and, some, They define it as quiet and affectionate.

The Lurcher is a variety of Hound, originally from Ireland and parts of Great Britain. Although it is not a pure breed of Hound, in general it is a cross between a hound and any other race, usually a shepherd dog or a Terrier, Depending on the attributes desired by the breeder.

The type of the layer will also be variable and will depend on the made crossing. Then, the types of fur can be: short and smooth as the Venátici, a bit long and thick as of the Boxer, or rough and hard as the of the Border Terrier, for example.

The temperament, also variable, It will depend on the influence of ancestors, but as with all dogs, temperament will be modified by the socialization of the puppy and received education.

In general, the objective of the different crossing was to create a hound with more intelligence, an animal cunning and appropriate for the original purpose of the hound: hunting poaching rabbits, hares and birds. With the time, have gone underway several crossing, always pursuing the objective of improving the speed and intelligence.

The Lurcher is a versatile dog, It has various uses that depend on the different crossing to which have been subjected, but they are usually used as hunting dogs with different styles. The majority of Lurcher today is used for pest control in general, Rabbit, hares and foxes, Although some of the larger types have been used successfully in the hunting of wild boar and deer.

Insisting on the use of the can has much to do with the objective of the Hunter and the cross from which is derived, It is good to take this post to remind you that unfortunately, some breeders - no ethical- in the search for the "perfect dog" often kill or abandon any Lurcher that does not conform to your needs, because it's not a good hunter or some physical or behavioural problem.

The Lurcher, It has also proved to be very good in canine sports, such as obedience and agility, where they are becoming increasingly popular due to its speed and willingness to please.

Because the Lurcher is not a pure breed they are not recognized by any canine club. However, North America has recently created the "Lurcher and Longdog Association" to serve as a registering body for dogs Lurcher and Longdog in the United States and Canada.

Beyond the different objectives of the crossing, What is certain is that the Lurcher is an excellent companion dog that adapts very well to home life, and it is very grateful to received love, She loves to be with people but it needs vigorous walks outdoors, like all dog.

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