Mistreating an animal in Aragon (Spain) It can cost 150.000 EUR

Complaint not be fed to 22 dogs in Fañanas, Huesca...FILE

It is the community with the penalty high for this type of crime. Since the beginning of year, the Seprona has received 25 allegations of mistreatment of animals, including that of a man hanged his dog

Mistreating an animal in Aragon It can cost up 150.253 EUR, the highest fine of all Spain and a lot distance which can be found in the rest of the country communities, Although it is not almost never imposed and also, "it is common that no one should pay", According to Mar García, President of the Aragonese protector of animals Alborada.

Since the beginning of year, the Seprona (Protection of the nature of the Civil Guard service) He has received 25 allegations of animal abuse in the three provinces. 17 of them took place in Teruel.

In most cases, denouncing the lack of food or the lack of control, and almost always it's pets. In a same farm in Zaragoza, for example, they arrived to find up to five irregularities. A serious, by keep livestock bravo in "poor sanitary conditions" and "weather, "lack of blocks".

The Law 11/2003 animal protection in the autonomous community of Aragon It establishes fines stepped by the type of crime: the light reaches the 600 EUR, the bass up to 6.000 and the very serious are punishable with 150.253 EUR.

The services provincial of agriculture de la Diputación General de Aragón are responsible for determining the seriousness of each case. In the BOA still not reported any cases that have received the highest fine. In fact, the majority does not nor the thousand euros.

Anyway, the potential penalties are far superior to the other communities of Spain. In Madrid, the maximum is of 30.000 EUR, in Asturias of 90.000, in Galicia of 15.000 and in Navarra, of 3.000.

A hanged dog

L'aliaga, ADPCA, PAW, Animal equality, Equanimal and Anima Naturalis are just some of the many associations that are working to ensure respect for the rights of animals in Aragon. There is even a party, PACMA-party animal in Aragon.

Alborada is on that list. "We take care of communicating the Seprona when there is any irregularity", has the President, that addition It praises the work of this unit of the Guardia Civil because it says that they act very quickly.

"The problem is that they reported", "be punished and then can not change the situation", says García. Those reported are declared insolvent or simply ignore the sanctions.

Remember a case that happened in Fañanas, Huesca, where a neighbor received a complaint by not feeding to 22 dogs. "The first warning was given in" 2005, he fined more than thousand euros. Three years later, He received another similar sentence, "but even last year was a live dog", says.

Also in Huesca, a few months ago was reported a man hanged his dog. In Zaragoza, so far year already several equidae and wild cattle by lack of feeding of owners have died.

"Recently we learned of a woman who called the police because in their building had two dogs on a low terrace". When speaking with the community of neighbors, "the woman owner of animals almost hit and since suffering harassment", says Mar García.

Source: Herald

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