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Moroccan arrested with 37 dogs dead and ready to turn into sausages | Pets

    Posted by pets | 4 April 2013

    Moroccan arrested with 37 dogs dead and ready to turn into sausages

    A Moroccan was arrested yesterday in the center of Casablanca with 37 dogs killed and skinned, and according to his confession ready to turn them into sausages, According to you today the journal “Aujourd'hui ’ hui le Maroc”.

    The finding occurred by chance, When a truck driver committed a traffic violation and was intercepted by a policeman; to inspect its cargo, the agent discovered the bodies of dogs in tow.

    The driver, It seems to be a butcher, He confessed that he was heading with his load the old medina, where dogs would be identifiable and transformed into sausages.

    In 2009, seven people were arrested in Casablanca for selling dog meat mixed with dyes and chemicals to make it pass by minced beef and market it in a country where the dog is particularly despised.

    This image may offend your sensibilities


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