More than 20.000 stray dogs are brutally murdered each year in Mauritius

A dog jump in search of its owner. He is sentenced to death in the Kennel of Port Louis, Mauritius. The 80% the captured dogs are pets with owner.

Up the 80% These dogs they are snapped up to their owners in the doors of their houses while they rest placidly in the porch or simply while walking uncaring of the looks of their owners.

A dog frantically back kicks, with their legs tied by a rough rope while a man with a red Baseball Cap, It deeply sinks a needle into his heart.

There is a final and desperate struggle, then a heartbreaking howl rips the shameful morning tropical surprise to traders of the market fence and silencing the singing of the birds. When the Yelp becomes groan, the dog is kicked to the interior of a Kennel awaiting almost certain death. It is a slow and painful death, the result of a lethal injection administered by a death squad.

This is carried out in the tropical paradise of Mauritius Islands, annual destination of 200.000 British, outside the white and idyllic beaches where the sea is impossible blue and tourists with cocktails they roam between the hammocks at luxury resorts. More than 20.000 strays and pets with their rule nameplates are exterminated in this cruel way.

A dog is captured through a network by a member of the Kennel of the MSPCA to later throw it to the truck
When you get the Kennel, the dog will have only three days before being thrown into a pit with the still warm body.

These terrible images were taken during an investigation disguised by a British animal rescue protective. The Mauritian Government affirms that it is a humanitarian way of controlling the population of feral dogs. But it is not humanitarian, nor is it honest.

“Some of the animals are accidentally caught”, but they are not some, they are the 80% – they are very beloved pets that have been seized from the doors of the houses of their owners, necklaces and safety labels that clearly mark their addresses.

They are captured as part of a campaign of 'clean', Despite the pleas of the worldwide animal welfare organisations.

Dogs are exterminated by an organization with a name so ironic as, “the Mauritius Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (MSPCA)”.
Equipped with bullet-proof jackets and Red caps and brandishing large fishing nets, the MSPCA (hunting dogs) capture animals wherever they see, sleeping in the corners, walking through alleys or wandering in the vicinity of their homes.

They are collected and arrogados in cages to vans, where they remain often bleeding from wounds or fractures produced in his capture, While officials continue their work of destruction. His destination is a Kennel that only can be described as a camp for dogs.
The MSPCA staff walk around cages, with his heavy boots, brandishing sharp metal rods to punish disobedient animals. In dirty cages, dogs are turning their backs on their captors, terrified and trembling, Unable to understand the situation.

A sordid cage for puppies, full of feces and dirt. Trembling animals give back to his captors who walk around cages brandishing sharp iron bars to mistreat them.

The worst thing is the cage of the puppies, dirty, rusted and filled with stool.

Only animals with owners have any hope, and even in this case there is very little. If you suspect that your pet has been snatched by the MSPCA, they can get closer to the kennel and pay the ransom. But the cost is of 40 EUR, It is beyond the reach of the majority of the people, an average worker earns less than 70 euros per month.

Almost all dogs spend three days in the cage before the lethal injection was administered, It remains to be a paralyzing muscle which gives them a slow and painful agony. The bodies, still hot, they are thrown into a pit open in a vacant lot.

Algunos de los perros mantienen la esperanza de ser recogidos por sus dueños, aunque esa esperanza es mínima. Los dueños han de pagar por el recate de sus mascotas.

The MSPCA insists that only the wild dogs are exterminated, but that is a lie. The truth is that the organization captures 100 stray dogs a day in order to comply with the service of reduction of feral dogs in a population of some 200.000 inhabitants. Y, of course, agents are happy to capturing pets in order to reach that figure.

Alicia Browne, a British woman can bear witness to this. Two dogs were snapped him up while walking with them on a nearby Beach.

“I yelled,” What are you doing! These are my dogs! “Mira and Wanda, their dogs, they should not have been far more than 4 Alicia m. But one of the hunters of dogs said that it was violating the law: because not going with a strap, they were strays, and that was it “.
Alicia, Adds: “I was crying, I ran after them and saw them lying in the van as if they were garbage. The leg of Mira had a cut – You can see the scars and still have sequels.

“I have followed the truck with my car until the Kennel where unloaded them.”
“I had to pay to have my dogs again. Wanda will never be the same – was severely traumatized by the experience “.

Lucky: Alicia Browne (35) Redhill Surrey with their two dogs, Wanda (left) and Mira (right), saved them the Kennel before hunters of dogs arrebataran them on the beach.

Jacqueline Woodridge, a British expatriate living in Mauritius, lost your dog in January. He went to the MSPCA in Port Louis to try to find it. His search was not successful. She said: ' What I saw was horrible. There were many beautiful dogs, many…, necklaces, including puppies, they see in the dirty Chambers of the Kennel covered in urine and feces.
“They were shaking, moaning, and terrified. Just had a bowl of bread and water in each cage.
Although the population of feral dogs, without a doubt, is large and growing, dogs are not dangerous: There is no rabies in Mauritius, and the wild dogs avoid human contact.

Local and international veterinarians agree that sterilization atajaría problem – in fact, three years ago, the French actress Brigitte Bardot offered to pay for a massive sterilization for all street dogs on the island. But the Government did not in account.
Yesterday, telephone calls to the MSPCA were not returned. Birgit Wellmann, a German veterinarian who had to rescue his own dog in a Kennel, said: Sterilization is the way to go, but no one will hear. It is heartbreaking.

The people on the island will not criticize the MSPCA by fear of reprisals. Foreigners are more concerned not to lose for residence and work permits, and locals are vulnerable to arrest for defamation of the Government.
Authorities say that the feral dogs are monstrous and endanger the lucrative tourism sector.

A European veterinarian who used to work on the island pointed out: “For the majority of tourists, These dogs are less dangerous than sunburn.”


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