Kill cats in Benitez (Ceuta) by tying a rope to cause it to his – Spain

A few bathers were reported on the afternoon of the discovery of the bodies of a couple of cats that had caused his death by tying them with string, throwing them into the sea, for, Like this, cause that with his attempt of escape is ahorcaran. The animals were dead at foot of beach, tied with a rope that prevented that one separated from another and a knot at the neck made in such a way that when one of the cats try to drag other, both were going to suffocate.

The dead cats were found in the Benitez Beach, and by his appearance hours before they would have been abused. The reason?? Everything points to the mere fun showing some abusing animals, doing things of this type or stoning them. Even 'feats' they recorded on video for later upload to the network to boast of what has been done. Yesterday, After the discovery of cats, the outrage was evident among users of the beach.
This type of abuse can be reported, as also the abandonment of animals, or the use of the same for clandestine dog fights which are made in some neighborhoods of the city, but they have failed to be detected by the security forces to punish those who organize them, they are related to the theft of animals.

For several months in another beach, of el Chorrillo, Red Cross volunteers found a dog that had also been left, and that their owners had placed a stone tied around his neck to force that, If dropped into water, He could not leave. Stories of this type, Although they are a cruel tone, are repeated in many cities of the country.

The owners of animals are looking for a way to rid of them causing them suffering, rather than attend protective for delivery. There is a protocol, coordinated through the 112, in the case that any citizen sees an abandoned animal or that is being abused may call for, through the single emergency telephone, know who alert.

Practical guide for reporting abuse

The PACMA - party in defense of animals- It has on its website a guide to inform citizens that denounce the ill-treatment that witness. In Spain, the liability protection, conservation and animal health is shared between the various public administrations, speaking in the same, In addition, various organs within a same administration, as it is the case of the General Administration of the State.

"We sometimes think that it is difficult to make a complaint or that should have specific knowledge to do this", but this is not true, "anyone can report without having a legal background", warns the PACMA. May be present or either an administrative complaint or even criminal if is considered is violated some precept of the criminal code in the area of animal protection, Since the protection of animals and plants is regulated.

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