MASSACRE because of an unconscious – Castellón (Spain)

I hope that this post to read someone who can do something, This is inhumane.

Unfortunately I had to witness this Saturday 3 of September, a situation that should not have never happened.

More than anything because I contacted the local police weeks ago, and with a protective of Castellón, but as often in these cases it acts when tragedies happen.

I put them in a situation, behind the Renault on the street of the painter López, There is a wide, where there is a semidestruida House, attached picture to put it:

House semidestruida, where there are usually many dogs (some of dangerous race) tied at 24 h. and in a State of semiabandono, where have several dogs died


The couple that lives here has among his hobbies pick up dogs, He strung on the porch of the House virtually 24 hours a day, whether in precarious situations, Sun hour (because although they are in a porch there is many hours giving the Sun continuously, and they cannot protect themselves in the summer to be tied) and alone all day that the couple often not much for the day, Apart from causing that the poor animals spend all day barking, as it is normal in your State, little more they can do to complain.

But the main problem was when they brought a dog of prey or a similar crossing, It is a so-called dog “dangerous breeds” and let it loose.

This dog was devoted to literally destroy the smallest dogs that had bound, a small Hound, similar to a Greyhound.

It shook for several minutes destroying the poor animal, between heartbreaking squeals of distress knowing that he was going to die and not being able to flee because it was tied with a string.

A woman and a man dared using sticks to stand up to the dog managing to pick up the shattered small and out of that House, put in the position of that loving woman of animals between weeping and hands full of blood, remind you feel me like crying again.

Came shortly after local police, statements and van Servican, to bring the dogs.
When were the poor hound into the garbage bag, they realized that it was still alive and rose it chain, that was when I saw it close, a poor dog looking with a side of pain and sorrow the police and people who came to this macabre incident, for help. This image not me forget never.

A puppy full of blood throughout the body and with the front paws cut into four or five pieces, It was in that State because this known individual of the quarter gave him the win.

I do not know the final State of the dogs, I imagine that the little died on the way they sacrificarían or the dam would be sacrificed, the other two puppies, among them was a Pitbull, they will be slaughtered if nobody rescues them before.

What I most outraged of all is to see that had not yet gone 24 h. and This fiend was already two new dogs It will be the same fate.

To avoid that you reaching this situation weeks before she spoke with a protective and local police, the first indicated that there were several complaints from neighbors and police indicated them that it was all in order and had papers, Police said that it would be to see the situation. ( Or is not passed or passed but everything). They only appeared when succeeded the tragedy as always happens.

who would believe that a family living with two children on situations practically begging? (I doubt that they are attending school, Although I cannot confirm it) I was going to spend the money to vaccinate, put chip, Passport, etc. to 4 dogs?, It costs about 250€ do believe that if them were going to spend on animals??

Which proved that they had when collected them.

In addition to having the 2 dangerous dogs must meet the following:

– Administrative license granted to the Town Hall of the municipality where they live animal. Be renewed every 3 years and the owner must lack of criminal record.
– Municipal registration certificate.
– Certified veterinary official to confirm that the animal does not present any kind of symptom of acute disease or show signs of aggressiveness, taking vaccines and desparasitaciones per day.
– Take out civil liability insurance
– Identification of the animal by Microchip.
– Certificate of psychological aptitude.

And that's still more money.

But nothing at all.
But my indignation increases a lot more, that failure to comply with all this entails fines of several thousand Euros and even in cases of attacks can lead to jail sentences.

But how do not have money, can they do whatever they want??, If anyone takes his dog loose to put a fine of 600€, If they do not collect a therefore as caca are 60€, But if do you in a bad state the fine is greater, but clearly this does not apply to the whole world.

But if I have 4 dogs without papers, in a State of abuse, two of them dangerous causing attacks with death results, nothing happens, It is more the next day I have 2 dogs.

When is the next attack a child, cast you it to dogs and not be inhuman guilt that is in that State and is free to do whatever he wants because he does not punish, but then best measures are taken to be a person that dies equal, just need to wait that death, Perhaps at that time someone will take justice into their own hands to see that you did nothing before.

Because they do not collapse that House??
Because no multan or put in prison to that individual??
But it is going to do anything?, because they allow you to continue to have dogs?
Social Affairs has been that House to view the status of children??
Wanting to protect in that House in ruins with many dogs??

Please all that smells very bad.
If the law is for all her comply with all, and not only that can pay fines.
Does anyone have ideas on how to fix it please stating it I, This may not be so and that repeat.



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