Domestic Mexican

Recognized in Mexico in 1978 as a domestic cat of Mexico and one of the first natural breeds, descendants of cats brought by the Spanish conquerors and that cigars have remained since. The Mexican Association of cats has described the Mexican official standard, Recognizing this race from 1978.
Some experts believe that the other variety could come from the British short hair, He switched from United Kingdom to the United States of America, thus causing the American short hair.

This cat has for centuries adapted to the needs of the Mexican, While this has affected his natural intelligence. His disposition and habits that make it an excellent hunting cat, as well as an animal capable of surviving alone only. His instinct for Hunter is so developed that continues the hunt although always have food available. It is considered a true “Cat's work”; its anatomical shape allows you to work as the extermination of rodents to the fullest, as a natural function.

It is a lightweight and powerful cat, allowing you to capture and kill their prey easily. It has long members, heavy and muscular, that moves you and jump quickly. Their jaws are large and strong to tighten with energy. Dense pelage serves to protect from moisture, cold and objects that could affect the skin, In addition it is strong enough, both the variety of short hair and long hair, to protect it from external natural damage. No structure of their anatomy is so prominent to develop weakness by heaviness. Its overall effect is that of a cat with athletic body and great vivacity.

It is a cat that has a fast and lively intelligence, adventurous spirit, He likes to go exploring outside the home. It is strong and at the same time very patient.

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