Mickey Rourke donates 250.000 $ the wild dogs of Romania


Hollywood actor and lover of dogs, Mickey Rourke has been donating 250.000 $ from his own pocket in order to protect the wild dogs of Romania. Other supporters of the cause, between the two local veterinary, they have also offered donations to the project.

Rourke, currently in Budapest for the filming of his latest film “Dead in Tombsone“, He found a stray dog of mixed race in the streets of Budapest to which he adopted and put name Foxy.

The hostel non-profit is called “The sanctuary the wild dogs of Romania “. Rourke said he planned the construction of a installation of the size of a football field It will house thousands of dogs. He said that it has found the land to lift his refuge and will return to Romania often as necessary.

In Bucharest, 50.000 wild dogs, Although most are not aggressive, they have been considered a danger to public health. Recently, the local authorities tried to capitalize on the problem of strays with the adoption of new laws that give them power to kill the wild dogs. In January, the Government declared the law unconstitutional.

The problem of the street dogs in Romania are smaller in the Decade of 1980, When the Communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu swept many of the old apartment buildings and built new high-rise buildings in its place, but prohibited residents from owning pets. He became desperate for animal lovers. Between dogs homeless began to wander through the streets and the lack of education about the sterilization and castration of dogs, the canine population through the streets was multiplied.

Local authorities are required to maintain the dogs Street during 30 days, and if no one adopts them, dogs can be slaughtered. Advocacy supporters insist that the only way to stop the problem is to organize and educate the population. The sterilization of dogs is more humane and less costly.

Rourke says that his recovery from depression due to his beloved chihuahua, Loki, who died in 2009.

Photo: famouschihuahua.com
Source: examiner.com

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