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Mojave spotted is a breed of cat developed with the purpose of preserving wild cats of the Mojave Desert.
Originally called the cat in the Mojave desert was discovered for the first time in 1980 by April Langford. In 1980, the first colony of feral cats were discovered living under desert shrubs, had tunnels cats used for the purpose of protecting their litters of the harsh climate of the desert. It is not known how these tunnels were excavated, they were possibly made by other wild animals or own cats.
Had at least six adult cats in each found colony. The first colony was found in a small town called Hesperia, located in Southern California. Each cat observed possessed a very specific pattern of spots, including the structure of the body, with very little variation in color of one cat to another. Colors ranged from the silver, brown, Gold and black agouti between the different colonies.

A study shows that these cats survived on a diet of birds, desert mice, lizards and insects. In 1984 a litter of kittens in the Mojave Desert were found abandoned underneath a Juniper, cold as ice with the onset of winter, and hunger. It seems that in cooler times of the year of food sources scarce and the mother would have problems to find the food they needed. Had no choice but to abandon their young. The first litter found was rescued and was complemented a replacement milk your diet.
After several years the wild cats became increasingly scarce. In 1990 people of all parties began to arrive in the city of the desert and the cats began to slowly disappear. At this time the breeding program to preserve the cat of the Mojave Desert already underway.

Was a shame to see these beautiful cats Habitat disappear without a trace , so taking this into consideration, Her calf as pet has helped to preserve the species. Each generation is born more exotic and more fond of his human friends. During recent years the Mojave spotted is has crossed with the Bengal, with other Genesis Mojave 1 and cats polidáctilos. The crossing did not start up 1996, but still at a disadvantage, was a great success. Not only because of their pronounced spots, result of its junction with the Bengal, but also provide the Mojave a softer skin, bright and radiant. The Bengal only adds some additional features to improve the breed. In 2007, the spotted Mojave criarán of truth without having to cross them with other races. The Cheshire cats cattery is the only one that exists as of this beautiful wild cat breed hatchery, native to the Mojave Desert. There is no other breeders who have access to the Mojave spotted, all cats from breeding programs have been placed in sterilization in order to prevent the novices use the Mojave in a way that could cause a threat to the race.

Very intelligent, always on the alert, Agile, powerful, Active, clever, Atlético, curious, animated, decided to, sociable, loving and independent. In addition, amateur hunting and water.

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