Munchkin (long hair)

The Munchkin's long hair has the same origin as the of short hair. It is not known if Blackberry, the original female rescued by Sandra Hochenedel in Louisiana, had the gene for long hair, but subsequent range of crossings with and without pedigree cats could have been introduced in this race in a first phase, Surely with all the colors and known patterns of the feline world.

Long-haired Munchkin has a semilargo, silky fur and a moderate bottom layer. The hair is described as suitable for all climates, Although most breeders recommend that this tiny cat live indoors. In other respects, the long-haired variety is very similar to short hair. It has a body size medium and rounded, wedge-shaped head and large eyes. Despite his small stature, they are very active, they have a curious nature and strong personality.
For years, the munchkin has crossed with many other breeds to create innovative aspect cats. Breeders have crossed it with the Persian to create the Napoleon; with the Sphinx to create the Minskin, and with the Laperm to create the skookum, a Munchkin Rex.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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