Norwegian Buhund
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The Norwegian Buhund It is usually excellent obedience and dog agility competitions.

Norwegian Buhund (Norsk Buhund, Nordiske Spitz-sinks, Norwegian Sheepdog or Norwegian Pastor) is a breed of dog Spitz type of Norwegian origin which is closely related to the races Pastor Iceland (Icelandic Sheepdog) and Jämthund.

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The name Buhund "derived from the Norwegian word"BU”, meaning farm, farm or mountain refuge, place where he lived the pastor while tending his flock in the summer. The Norwegian Buhund is used as a grazing dog and guard dog.

As we said, Norwegian Buhund belongs to a class of so-called dogs of the Spitz type. All of them have in common the pointed ears and curled tail. Within the Spitz breeds, There is much variation in terms of size, to the coat and the color.

The Norwegian Buhund is a very old breed, "part of the existing documentation on the excavation of the"Gokstad ship"buried on the farm in Sandar Gokstad", Sandefjord, Vestfold (Norway) in 1880, contains in addition to the great discovery, they found a Viking grave (that it dated back to the year 900) in which lay the skeleton of a man between 50 and 70 years of age, and its about the skeletons of six dogs of different sizes, similar to the Norwegian Buhund of our times.

This famous archaeological research was directed by Nicolay Nicolaysen (1817-1911) a well-known antiquarian and Norwegian archaeologist. He was a founding member of the Society for the preservation of Norwegian ancient monuments, which presided in 1851. The findings of this research are exhibited today in the In Oslo Viking Ship Museum.

Returning to the skeletons of found dogs along with the Tomb Viking, scholars of the subject, they raised that these dogs were the ancestors of the modern Buhund. And they were there, because in those days when the Vikings of dying, necessary and precious possessions were buried with them. It was believed that they would need them in their future life.

In those days the Buhund dogs of the time protected agricultural and livestock farms, pastoreaba ovejas… according to their beliefs, They hoped that dogs continue carrying out their work in the more than. It has been documented that these dogs were with the Vikings on many of his travels, by sea and land.


Otros nombres: Norwegian Buhund / Norsk Buhund / Norwegian Sheepdog / Pastor Noruego / Nordiske Spitz-Hunde / Norweski Buhund

Group 5 / Section 3 – Nordic dogs of guarda and pastor.

Dogs breeds: Norwegian Buhund

Physical characteristics

Returning to the present Norwegian Buhund has a rather square profile, are medium-sized and long legs, well takes a tail wrapped around the center of the back. The head is wedge-shaped, with well erect ears and nose of black.

According to the standard of the Norwegian Buhund the height at the cross goes of 43,2 to 45,8 cm., the females are slightly smaller than males. The weight of the males is of 15 to 18 Kg and females of 12 to 16 Kg.

The colors of the coat may be:

  • Wheat: It includes any shade of colour ranging from pale cream to cream darker, with or without dark markings on the tip of the hair, It is possible to display the color white, but will have to be tiny, the black mask is acceptable.
  • Solid black: with areas where the color white is allowed, for example, a narrow white ring around the neck, a narrow white tuft in the face, a small spot of white hairs on the chest (by way of tie), at the end of the legs and the tail. In United Kingdom the "Wolf Sable" colour (Wolf Sable)”, also permitted, According to the Kennel Club's breed standard.

The Norway Buhund is prone to suffer from hereditary eye problems and hip dysplasia.

The Norwegian Buhund hair layer has an average length, the coat is easy to care for, post that is not entangled, a weekly brushing is enough.

Perhaps the hair when moved, need brushing more often, but is only a seasonal matter.

Character and skills

The Norwegian Buhund is a very cheerful and active breed. They never tire easily and require exercise daily and generous. The Norwegian Buhund is need to expel their energy because if it is not possible to appear destructive tendencies (break furniture, Objetos…).

Beyond its high level of activity and energy, they are also very affectionate and famous for his love for unconditional towards children.

Is a race of hyper loving, they love to give and receive affection of his family, that will form strong bonds. You will have a distant and distrustful behavior with strangers, but it is very smart so you will notice who is well received and will go in search of love. They are very sociable and somewhat ladradores, but he will never throw to bite if there is no provocation.

Norwegian Buhund, also, He is very stubborn and shows a strong desire to learn new things, But if the stimulus is not the appropriate, It is safer to resort to destructive or inappropriate behavior. This is because they get bored easily and are restless. That is why it is necessary that they have ongoing activity.

This breed is ideal for homeowners that they can devote time and desire to exercise and training of your pet.

With this appetite for learning combined with its high level of energy and activity, the Norwegian Buhund is usually an excellent dog obedience and dog agility competitions.

This breed is an excellent companion for a lover of sports.

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