Oriental short hair (U.S.)

Photo: baranska.org

Began to raise in United States in the middle of the 70, Although ten years earlier it had been recognized in England, otherwise the race there was for centuries; part of the generically named breed Siamese and 1920 copies of streaks were separated from the race.

All of its features, except the layer they coincide with the Siamese.

Their short coat, attached to the body, fine and shiny texture.

Color: are recognized in United States up 26 different colours which are grouped into different classes, Solid (uniform), Shaded (shading), Smoke (smoked), Tabby (striped) and Particolor.

  • Uniform colours: white, with blue or green eyes preferably.
    While the yellows are also supported, black (Ebony) they prefer green eyes, While the yellows are supported, blue uniform, most appreciated the more clear, brown (Chestnut), Lila (Lavender), red, cream, preferable to the more clear, with pink pads.
  • Shady: Silver (shaded Silver), White subpelo with longest hair dotted black, eyes, lips and nose with black outline, like cameo in red.
  • Smoked products: black tinted (Ebony Smoke), intensely dotted white subpelo (Tipped) in black, blue tinted (Blue Smoke), well gray, Brown tinted (Chesnut Smoke), as Brown, Lila fumé (Lavender Smoke), as in red.
  • Atigrados: all drawings and colors of this type are supported (and European short hair).
  • Particolor: Turtle scale (only females) Black mantle with large red spots and cream, Azul-Crema, Gray cloak with large spots cream, Chestnut-tortie, Brown cloak with large patches of pink and cream, Lavanda-Crema, Gray cloak with large spots cream.
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