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The Papillon He was recognized by the AKC in 1935. The variety of drooping ears is called Phalène.

The Papillon (in French: Butterfly), water dog is a breed of dog of the type. One of the oldest of the Toy Spaniel, It is named after its resemblance to the butterfly, in its ears, large with long hair and fringes, It emulates open wings of a butterfly.

The history of the Papillon is drawn through various works of art. The first Toy Spaniels resembling the Papillon is located in Italy. Vicelli Tiziano painted these small dogs in many famous paintings, about 1500, as the Venus of Urbino (1542). Other renowned artists to have painted these small dogs are Watteau, González Coke, Fragonard, Paolo Veronese, and Mignard.

A painting of the Wallace Collection, London, appears a Papillon portrayed with the family of Louis XIV. Also, Papillon dogs appear in paintings of European royal families and the families of merchants of the time paintings. The race was very popular in England, France and Belgium, that are countries of origin by the FCI.

The history of the Papillon and long association with royalty have led to many stories about the breed. Marie Antoinette is said that he went to the guillotine, clinging to her small dog under her arm, a Papillon. However, tradition says that Marie Antoinette's dog was a small dog of water which had been brought to the French Court of Spain in the rear of the cargo mules. According to the story, cub was saved and was treated in a building in Paris that, currently called the Papillon House.

The Papillon was recognized by the AKC in 1935. In the news, the Papillon can be seen competing in obedience and agility.

Otros nombres: Epagneul Enano Continental / Phalène / Continental Toy Spaniel / Epagneul Nain Continental / Butterfly Dog / Squirrel Dog.

Group 9 / Section 9 – Dwarf Spaniel.

Dogs breeds: Papillon

Physical characteristics


  • S – Black and white
  • S – Lemon and white
  • S – White and Red
  • S – Sable and white
  • S – Black and white as


  • A – Brown black and white
  • A – Black red and white
  • A – Brown and white
  • A – Black & Fawn
  • A – Red


  • A – Red, Sable and white
  • A – Sand
  • A – White
  • A – White and Brown
  • A – Silver and white


  • A – Black marks
  • A – Mask black
  • A – red marks
  • A – Sand
  • A – Fire marks

The Papillon with drooping ears called Phalène (from French: moth). His small head is slightly rounded. The snout is a little short, fine, narrowing towards the nose. The eyes are dark, size medium, round, with a thin black border that, often extends into the Union of the eyelids to ears. The large ears may be erect or fall with the rounded tips.

They have the long tail of high insertion, covered with long, fine hair. The hair is smooth, long, fine, a single layer, and on the chest, the ears and the back of the queue have longer hair, as if it were a wheel.

The color of the coat is white with patches of any color. A mask of a color different from the white cover both ears and the eyes back to the future.

The most distinctive of the Papillon is its ears are large and fringed, It seems to the wings of a butterfly. They can also be registered, the American Kennel Club supports the following colors and markings, the types specified as S-standard, or A-alternative for use in shows and competitions:
There are two variations of this race, of the completely upright ears of the more common Papillon, and ears falls of the Spaniel type (Phalène ears). But, the American Kennel Club and the Federation Cynologique Internationale consider the Phalène variation and common Papillon, as the same race. The height is of 20 - 28 cm., and the weight of approximately 3.5 kg.


In breeding, not a copy of the Papillon variety with the Phalène variety must never cross, because there is a considerable risk that arise with ears semierguidas either mixed puppies.

This detail, It must be taken into account for those people who wish to participate in show ring since that difference in the ears is penalized as a serious lack.

Character and skills

The temperament of the dwarf Continental Epagneul is very affectionate, docile and even at times, absorbent.

Is - by definition- a companion dog is will be looking for pampering continuously, which makes it an ideal dog for older people, Since his love everyday waste and their small size are an infallible weapon against loneliness.

In general, is a quiet dog, is very patient and just ladra.

It adapts with total tranquility to any situation, the only thing that will interest you is be next to its owner.

While they will not display aggressiveness to strangers, nor give exaggerated signs of love. They must not be shy or aggressive, This is not common in the breed.

They need a daily walk. The game really like, and it is good that there is time for fun, but long walks are necessary to be a good state of health.

The life expectancy of the Papillon round the 16 years.

Y, as a last detail, is an excellent Hunter of mice.

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