For some farmers in Switzerland eating cats and dogs is something routine

Edible dogs in Switzerland....

While it is surprising the news because the commercial sale of dog meat is prohibited in Switzerland, "there are ferrous defenders because the"eat it"it is not something that is regulated...

It is a practice that we usually tend to associate it with countries of the far East, as China and Viet Nam, where it is believed to bring good luck. But not to Switzerland.

The news has come to light thanks to a report published by a newspaper in the so-called country Tages Anzeiger, which specifies that the dog and cat meat is still part of meals but only in some areas of the Alpine country. The protagonists: farmers in the areas of Appenzell and St. Gallen.

Regarding dog meat, the preferred is a close race to the Rottweiler. And the people who eat it, the opinion quite naturally subject:

  • "There is nothing strange in this. Meat is meat".
  • Another farmer told that they bred animals and then they called a friend butcher to kill them when already were mature. And another, He described how he had shot the animals either had killed them sticks. We are talking about animals that, usually, they are bred as pets throughout Europe…

According to the report, people eat dog or cat meat (as a kind of ham) "rebosada or marinated and call it"mostbrockli”.

  • "Nobody knows what is when cooked in this way", added the farmer, justifying the massacre.

If either-as we said above– does not carry out the sale of meat in dog and cat on a commercial scale, the practice horrifies and endangers the rights of animals in Switzerland, where is the consumption of such creatures not prohibited by law, as it is in the nearby Germany.

In Switzerland, If a person kills a cat or a dog only will be processed if the death is itself cruel.

Surveyed farmers spoke of his special preference for meat dog and cat, only through the guarantee of anonymity. Everyone feared a hostile reaction from animal welfare activists and animal lovers.

A farmer told the newspaper that she had stopped eating dog and cat, just because it is "frowned upon" by society.

There are no official figures on how many of these animals end up in dishes of the Swiss. The country also has a small (but prosperous and sinister) trade in skins of cat coats and quilts. The Swiss Parliament rejected changing laws to protect dogs and cats for human consumption in 1993.

Edith Zellweger Salez animal welfare group said: “A society in which the human being eats up his best friend, How can you have scruples?”.

However..., the Federal Veterinary Office (of Switzerland) said that it was a "cultural issue" and he pointed out that in some countries, dogs are bred specifically to be slaughtered and eaten.

We leave open to reflection history, friends of animals...

Happy 2013, in spite of this so ugly news….

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