Eurasian bullfinch
Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Their coloration is unmistakable: While the female has more muted colors, the male looks reddish plumage in the chest. It is not threatened and has populations of between fifteen and twenty-eight million copies in Europe.

It is a highly sociable bird, which serves immediately when called by imitating his song.

Despite being a quiet animal, during the early morning hours his State will of euphoria and very active. In the evening turns into a passive pet, lazy and dormilona. Both the male and female sing in a similar way. It is not one of their most notable qualities, its melody is not musical notes and is not too powerful. Observers as interesting friend inflará their feathers and throat in unison at the time of start singing.

Their customs are very different from other birds and many ornithologists believe that their partners are stable, because they are generally of two by two, male and female, in both summer and winter. The male is equipped with a sumptuous plumage, that puts in evidence during courtship. Spongy chest, leaves hanging their wings, to display contrasting drawing of his obispillo and swings conton is.

– Wilkipedia
pajaricos (singing)