Threats to the refuge for dogs of Écija after removing the PP aid

The City Council worked with learn, currently hosting to 220 pets, from 2005.

Victoria Rodríguez, one of the responsible for the protection of animals learn, caresses to Achilles. - M. R.

Achilles is a big and sad face boxer. Rex is a still larger German Shepherd. Both have a common history nothing cheerful. His owner not given eating nor much less bathing them.Until that one day he wanted to get rid of them in a very cruel way: he tied them to the car and dragged them along a road hoping they died. They did not die. But Rex suffers serious sequelae. It has lost half of its snout truffle and, Despite his intimidating size, curls it up frightened at the bottom of his Kennel when approaching too any humans that visit the refuge to learn.

And it is that that is what Rex and Achilles have been found in the Ecijana protector Association of animals (Learn). A haven safe from unscrupulous individuals. A place to escape the street and where waiting to find a new home and a new owner to look after them.

“The person who wanted to kill these two dogs we denounce and is awaiting trial, It will come soon”, says Victoria Rodríguez Orlandi, one of the visible faces of learn, a protector of animals now it is endangered because the new local Government of the PP has withdrawn them aid that it came receiving City Hall to meet part of their expenditure.

Learn wear from 2004 collecting animals from the street. Abused as Rex and Achilles, or abandoned as Ojitos, thrown into the street by their owners. Learn is a protective, not a Kennel. “We are not responsible for dogs that people want to leave”, says Victoria Rodriguez. However, the people leave them in your refuge. “We have come to throw a cocker of six months over the fence, and another opened a wound behind the head to get the microchip and that we could not identify who left”, reproaches Rodríguez, history and almost know the name of the 220 dogs that protects learn.

Now, These 220 stories are at risk of not having a happy ending or a place of reception. If they lose the support of City Hall - have already ceased to pay them- not be able to pay the 1.000 euros for the rental of the land where they live and play dogs. “We only ask that they pay us that”, claims victory, “and now we find us life to pay for health care and food”. “Who he says the PP are helping us??”, they ask in learn. “We are those who help them doing a service that are required to do: the collection and control of abandoned animals”, point. “They have come to say that we not Benvenisti”, accuses Victoria. The PP, Curiously, is a partner to learn from the 30 in September of 2005, with a quarterly fee of 18 EUR, According to the order of debit signed by ecijano now Mayor, Ricardo Gil-Toresano (PP).

The argument of learn is simple: by law, Ecija should have a service of collection of animals and they fulfilled this task. But they need collaboration. During his short career, the protector has had the help of the Town Hall. So far. The PP invokes that same legal necessity to argue that must be a Kennel “and not a not-for-profit association is responsible for animal control”, indicates the spokesman of the PP, Silvia Heredia, who recognizes that the Government of the people is no longer collaborate economically with the protective.

Source: elcorreoweb

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