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Lost is a Burgos Perdiguera of 6 years of age who has been rescued from the Faculty of veterinary medicine of León


Lost is a Burgos Perdiguera of 6 years old that has been rescued from the León Veterinary School where it had been “abandoned” by its owner (a professor at the same Faculty) in the cages of the University, from which they took Perdi to carry out radiology practices. It was also in the hands of a student who used it to write a thesis and then left it there again..

It is now in a House of refuge in Madrid, but need to find a home, Since not can stay with her indefinitely with her in the House of refuge.

Lost has very good character, is a little scary, but as it takes a little confidence shows how loving is and the desire to find a permanent family who wants to.

It is very urgent to find her lost home, and it is time to receive the life that he deserves.

Please contact me through Facebook by private or email ( galaguito@hotmail.com ).If you can not be your future home, Please, spread. Thank you very much in advance.

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