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Perro de Agua Americano

The American water dog always delivered to work, is obedient and easy to train.

The American water dog (or American Water Spaniel) It is a breed of dog originating in United States, little-known outside of North America.

American water dog is known since the middle of 1800, but the background of his true origin is a mystery. Most of the experts agreed that it was probably developed in the valleys of the Fox and Wolf rivers in Wisconsin.

There is no documentation as to specific breeds that were used to develop the dog of American water. Doc Pfeifer, He became known for obtaining the recognition of the race in years 20, He believed that American water dog was originated through the junction between the extinct English Water Spaniel, whose ancestor was the Andalusian Turk, and the Field Spaniel. Some have criticized this opinion and it is now accepted that the races involved in the development of the American Water Spaniel include the English Water Spaniel, Field Spaniel, Retriever curly hair, Irish Water Spaniel and, possibly, to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Pfeifer said did not see any influence of the Irish Water Spaniel to age 20.

American water dog was developed as a hunting dog in the period of American history of the rise of the commercial hunting of birds. The hunters needed a dog that could be used both on land and in the Marsh and that could easily fit into a canoe or a skiff, without occupying much space. This dog would also have to protect the results of the hunt.

It has been pointed out, by various historians of dog breeds, hunters of the Midwest American made extensive use of this dog to age 1920 When a combination of economic changes with a drought ended with commercial whaling.
American water dog was not formally recognized as a purebred dog until the United Kennel Club He did so in 1920. The American Kennel Club incorporated in his Field Dog Stud Book in 1938, and recognized him in 1940. The breed is also recognized by the FCI and the Canadian Kennel Club.

American water dog is probably one of the main breeds that contributed to the development of the Boykin Spaniel.

It gained its greatest popularity between the years 1920 and 1930, Subsequently the dog of American water became in the “forgotten American” (“forgotten american“) for a long time. However, the tenacity of this race fan has kept a reasonable number of copies, in order to protect it from extinction. American Water Spaniel club estimated that there are 3000 copies in North America. The American Kennel Club registered 34 litters in the 2006 and 53 in the 2005.

Physical characteristics

The standard the FCI is the same as the American Kennel Club. This points out that the American Water Spaniel has a size ranging from the 38 a 45 cm and weigh in 13 a 20 kg. Some reaching a height of 50 cm and a weight of 23 kg. This not disqualifies them but costs them points.

Has a fur It can range from extremely curly to uniform waves and has a dense inner layer of hair well adapted to withstand the cold and inclement weather.

The mantle may be of color liver, brown, or chocolate. The standard accepts white dots on the legs and chest.

American water dog has a tail well formed and somewhat compact in size, well-proportioned, that gives a good balance to the run and serve you rudder when nothing.

The standard of the FCI says that its head is wide and its eyes are caramel color, chocolate or a dark yellow for harmonizing with fur. The bright yellow eyes are a knockout lack. It has some ears medium-sized and long hair.

Although there is no specific diseases affecting water American dog and, General it is considered a very healthy dog, It is not free of problems relating to their health.

Among the diseases that can afflict him, You can mention: heart problems, cancer, Hip Dysplasia, Diabetes, allergies, Hypothyroidism, Follicular dystrophy, Epilepsy, and falls.

Character and skills

American water dog was developed in United States as a versatile hunting dog, his greater skill was in the collection of dams from boat and in working on the dry ground quite easily.

It is an excellent collector in difficult terrain very good in the Duck House, the quail, the pheasant, the capercaillie and the wild rabbit.

In some cases you can also get to be a good guardian.

It is a very prepared and delivered to the working dog, He is very obedient and that is why it is easy to train.

Like most of the breeds of Spaniel, the American Water Spaniel is friendly, active and intelligent. It´s affable and eager to please but can be destructive if you bored.

Race fans say that he always has a big appetite. This breed is also very protective with their owner and may be a good pet.

In old age the dog can become a little Moody, Although it is not aggressive.


Recently has begun to collect much popularity as the company and exhibitions. Provided that this dog has for these purposes it is important not to forget that you need to do a lot exercise, that is why many experts say that it is not a suitable dog to live in an apartment.

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  • Otros nombres: American Water Spaniel / Spaniel de Agua Americano / Chien d’eau américain / Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel.
  • Group 8 / Section 3 – Water Dogs.

Dogs breeds: American water dog

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