Dog Star rescued in Malta dies after a large protest against the cruelty to animals

Less than a day to an extraordinary manifestation against the cruelty to animals, Star, dog rescued mixed breed near Ghar Hasan died. The dog had been shot with a gun shot 40 times and buried alive in a shallow grave.

Through an incredible instinct to survive, Star had managed to dig their way to the surface, digging the sand in the face – leaving free the face in order to breathe. An employee of animal rescue found the dog and took her to a veterinary clinic for emergency care. Star was operated, and he was recovering slowly.

Star had been under the constant in the Animal welfare centre care San Francisco and had had an excellent recovery, However a few days ago, began to vomit. Veterinarians did everything possible to save it, but his condition deteriorated yesterday afternoon, and Star died.

However this excruciating experience of Star , I have not been in vain. Strict laws against animal cruelty and psychological therapy for animal abusers, they were the main topics of yesterday.

He rests in peace Star.


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