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    Posted by pets | 6 January 2013

    Dog tortured to death in people of Siberia

    A striking image of a tortured dog – He died after being tied to a rope and dragged by a car around a village in Siberia- The news has shocked the siberians.

    Tortured dog in Siberia

    The helpless animal was tied by the front legs and dragged at high speed by a silver Toyota Corolla car through the snow covered streets. At that time, the temperature in Novosibirsk was around of -25 º C

    Bloggers have joined forces to identify the twisted murderers and bring them to justice. The dog died during a macabre joke during the new year in Severniy, a suburb of Novosibirsk.

    Once the dog died, the malnacidos cut the rope and proudly took the photo of his innocent victim.

    It is not known whether the animal was a pet or a stray dog – but disgusting treatment that has been subjected to has resulted in a mobilization by the web to identify and denounce those responsible for.

    The image arose the 4 of January, two days after the Act of torture, and it has become viral on social networks of Russia.

    “We are looking for witnesses”, said an announcement.

    Ironically, the horrible image came on the same day in which Brigette Bardot threatened to abandon his native France and seek Russian citizenship if not prevented the death of two elephants in a zoo in Lyon.

    Elephants named Baby and Nepal have contracted tuberculosis.

    In 2011, Bardot, a sex symbol of the 60, He praised Vladimir Putin once this ban on the import and export of seal fur skins.

    Via: siberiantimes

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    One comment on “Dog tortured to death in people of Siberia
    1. mahesh pimpalkar says:

      Nice I like this! That stupid dog deserves that punishment!

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