Lost is a Burgos Perdiguera of 6 years of age who has been rescued from the Faculty of veterinary medicine of León


Lost is a Burgos Perdiguera of 6 years of age who has been rescued from the Faculty of veterinary of León, which had been "abandoned" by its owner (a professor at the same Faculty) in the cages of the University, of which were lost to radiology to perform in it. He was also in the hands of a student who used to write a thesis and then returned it to leave there.

It is now in a House of refuge in Madrid, but need to find a home, Since not can stay with her indefinitely with her in the House of refuge.

Lost has very good character, is a little scary, but as it takes a little confidence shows how loving is and the desire to find a permanent family who wants to.

It is very urgent to find her lost home, and it is time to receive the life that he deserves.

Please contact me through Facebook by private or email ( galaguito@hotmail.com ).If you can not be your future home, Please, spread. Thank you very much in advance.

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Traces achieves a House of refuge in Puertollano for 245 dogs in the past two years

The reception centre of animals the humane manages “Footprints” Puertollano has achieved the adoption of 245 dogs since he started the activity of this group in February of the 2011, as reported this morning in the Councillor for health press conference, Eva Morales, the President of traces aompanada, Karen Caws, and and one of the leaders of the protective, Veronica mile.

A comvocatoria in which also gave that account last year adopted a total of eighty dogs in different parts of the country and in the 2012 already been made search a home to others 105 canes. International expansion also grows and is the adoption of sixty dogs hunting and mestizos in France has materialized, United States, The Netherlands and Italy.

Currently the Centre attends to 250 dogs, a large amount according to in the words of the President of footprints, Karen Caws, Since it had to be a place where all the needs, evaluate the animal and its subsequent sterilization so that he would be ready for their departure.

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Two neighbors found eleven dogs abandoned in or Repibelo (A Coruña)

Spartacus found a home shortly after being found, with his ten brothers, by two residents of Arteixo walked on the night of last Tuesday in the area of O Repibelo. A Local police officer volunteered to take the animal, a mixed puppy for less than one month of life, and that it bears the name of the famous Gladiator who defied the Roman Empire.

Agents feed, last Tuesday, the puppies found by two neighbors. / the opinion

The police rushed to the scene, together with another partner, After receiving notice of the neighbors. After feeding the Cubs with milk, the agents were in contact with Servigal, concessionaire of the privation of the consortium of ACE marine service, to take responsibility for the animals.

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An embargo of 12.000 EUR threatens the life of 500 dogs

The Valencian society for the protection of animals and plants (Svpap) have to get 12.000 euros in one week for part of the quotas on the Social security of the dismissed workers and that should 150.000 euros in compensation

Some of the volunteers, tied to the booths. Photo: Miguel angel montesinos

To cooperate with donations Enter the web of The Valencian society for the protection of animals and plants (Svpap)

About 500 animals, between dogs and cats, they are in an extreme situation. Outside of the financial problems of the Valencian society for the protection of animals and plants (Svpap), manages the refuge in which live in San Antonio de Benagéber, the future of these animals is uncertain. On the Center weighs an order if before you next Thursday are not collected 12.000 EUR, that would be United to the 6.000 It has already raised the Svpap and that would serve to postpone the payment of the debt that the entity has with Social Security and which amounts to 26.000 EUR. This amount is to be paid in respect of the fees of the 8 laid-off workers in 2011.

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About 400 Pets are adopted in the living room of the Animal adoption


About 400 pets have been taken during the celebration of the Hall of the adoption of companion animals held in the downtown Park of El Retiro of the 5 to the 7 October, What is the highest number of adoptions in the seven editions of the fair, the community of Madrid in a press release reported by this Saturday.

Only during the celebration of this event, opened by the Director of environment and spatial planning, Borja Sarasola, were registered 128 daily adoptions, compared to the average of 16 welcome the day that occurs commonly in the region. In particular during the Salon of the adoption they welcomed, both person and way online, 302 dogs and 84 cats.

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The grandmother Li Jun: a life dedicated to the most disadvantaged animals

The grandmother Li Jun lives in China, in Beijing.

From 1998 He decided to forget their medical and economic problems to devote its limited resources to help the most disadvantaged

From 1998 He decided to forget their medical and economic problems to devote its limited resources to help the most disadvantaged: the animals in the street. So he left his house and resigned to the treatment for his leg (need an operation, but that would mean devote money to this and not to animals who cares). Since then he has collected more 160 dogs and 20 cats, they live next to it in a shelter, "LaiFu", that means "Welcome", "be happy". There it has rescued animals in the street, restaurants and other equally terrible. Each animal has a story behind, and neither is soft.

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Adana seeks new houses because those that exist are host of animals in Badajoz “saturated”

To give a home to dogs as 'Dnesity', he recovers in a clinic after appearing abandoned near Mérida with burns

The Association of Defense of the animals of Badajoz (Adana) looking for new houses animals in the capital businessman host, than those that currently have already “saturated” dogs or cats that are waiting for a final home.

It's foster homes that may be responsible for animals that appear abandoned and Adana rescues, as it is the case of 'Corked', a dog about nine months of age appeared the past 1 September in a restaurant about four kilometers from Mérida, where a wedding was held.

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Anadel moved to the Seprona conditions “totally deficit” a canine residency in Talavera la Real – Badajoz

The National Association of animal rights and freedom (Anadel) transferred to the service of protection of nature (Seprona) Civil Guard the healthy hygienic conditionstotally deficit” one “alleged residence canina” located in Talavera la Real (Badajoz).

This group explained in a press release that August received a request for help from a citizen to find your dog. Apparently the animal “He had disappeared after having been left a few days in this supposed canine residence facilities for a few days”, indicates the Association.

Given this fact, members of the Association, as stated by, moved to this residence located in Talavera la Real in order to gather information about the date, the place and the exact circumstances in which the animal had disappeared.

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