Threats to the refuge for dogs of Écija after removing the PP aid

The City Council worked with learn, currently hosting to 220 pets, from 2005.

Victoria Rodríguez, one of the responsible for the protection of animals learn, caresses to Achilles. - M. R.

Achilles is a big and sad face boxer. Rex is a still larger German Shepherd. Both have a common history nothing cheerful. His owner not given eating nor much less bathing them.Until that one day he wanted to get rid of them in a very cruel way: he tied them to the car and dragged them along a road hoping they died. They did not die. But Rex suffers serious sequelae. It has lost half of its snout truffle and, Despite his intimidating size, curls it up frightened at the bottom of his Kennel when approaching too any humans that visit the refuge to learn.

And it is that that is what Rex and Achilles have been found in the Ecijana protector Association of animals (Learn). A haven safe from unscrupulous individuals. A place to escape the street and where waiting to find a new home and a new owner to look after them.

“The person who wanted to kill these two dogs we denounce and is awaiting trial, It will come soon”, says Victoria Rodríguez Orlandi, one of the visible faces of learn, a protector of animals now it is endangered because the new local Government of the PP has withdrawn them aid that it came receiving City Hall to meet part of their expenditure.

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A dog puppy was released on several occasions to the sea until a swimmer rescued him

The unwanted puppy is thrown into the sea by a young person from Xiamen in China .

In an act of atrocious cruelty, a young depraved launches a helpless puppy to the sea.
The stunning puppy nothing towards the shore where its owner was waiting, but by five times the poor animal is thrown forcefully to the sea.
The fact happened in the waters of Xiamen, Ciudad-Prefectura of Fujian province in the People's Republic of China.
The disgusting scene was captured by a passerby who was walking on the beach.

Other people who were on the beach he shouted that he will stop, but this ignored the pleas.
Over time the puppy, already exhausted, it lost strength to swim back to the beach and managed to reach a rock.

  • cachorro de perro
    Dazed and exhausted: After returning to the beach, only to be thrown again, the dog swims to a rock.
  • cachorro de perro
    Rescued: The young man has left the scene and a swimmer takes the dog before bringing it to the beach
  • cachorro de perro
    Terror has ended: new owner of the puppy shows the fearful dog.
  • cachorro de perro
    We are going home: The woman promised to give the small dog a happy life.

The energúmeno left the beach and the dog was rescued by a swimmer.
Gave it a young woman who witnessed the abuse.
One of the witnesses, the Sr. Wang, said: “I thought that the man had reached the beach for a walk with his dog, But what made us surprised everyone.
“He grabbed the dog, He leaned back and threw it with all the strength to the sea.

“The puppy was very small.”
“The perritó landed in the water some 20-30 meters of distance.”
The Sr. Wang said he was amazed to see how the man throwing the puppy to the sea by five times, ignoring attempts by people around that it relinquish its attitude.
“The man was very cruel.. ”
The new owner of the puppy undertook to give to the defenseless animal a good home.
Unfortunately, the man who carried out the cruelty, will probably remain unpunished.

Via: dailymail

Accused beat a dog and cause the loss of an eye in San Rafael – Segovia (Spain)

The puppy suffered traumatic head injury, trauma to the chest causing fractures of the ribs and damage to the lungs

The next 21 September will declare as charged a man for beating with a stick a puppy of only three months of age which caused the loss of an eye. After the instruction of the Civil Guard in El Espinar, the Court No. 5 Segovia opened criminal proceedings for an alleged crime of mistreatment of animals, in a case in which the refuge claimed as private prosecution, According to a release of this organization.

The events occurred the 8 April, When the refuge received a call from the Guardia Civil of El Espinar and the Local police of San Rafael requesting help in rescuing a dog who had allegedly received a brutal beating and was seriously injured in the bus station in San Rafael.

The protectionist organization volunteers moved immediately to the scene and found a hound puppy, about three months of age, with serious injuries on the head and a large wound on one of his eyes. 'Bus', What is called the dog, He was transferred to veterinary Center shelter emergency, where he was stabilized and confirmed his serious injuries, among others the loss of the right eye, acute traumatic brain injury and trauma to the chest causing fractures of the ribs and damage to the lungs.

Man who acknowledges having beaten bus shall declare as accused and facing an alleged crime of animal abuse. Now 'Bus', Despite the loss of the eye, He is completely recovered and expects to find a family to take, said the President of the refuge, Nacho Paunero. The protectionist organization is immersed in more of 150 criminal proceedings, Civil and administrative in different autonomous communities.


Source: elnortedecastilla


MASSACRE because of an unconscious – Castellón (Spain)

I hope that this post to read someone who can do something, This is inhumane.

Unfortunately I had to witness this Saturday 3 of September, a situation that should not have never happened.

More than anything because I contacted the local police weeks ago, and with a protective of Castellón, but as often in these cases it acts when tragedies happen.

I put them in a situation, behind the Renault on the street of the painter López, There is a wide, where there is a semidestruida House, attached picture to put it:

House semidestruida, where there are usually many dogs (some of dangerous race) tied at 24 h. and in a State of semiabandono, where have several dogs died


The couple that lives here has among his hobbies pick up dogs, He strung on the porch of the House virtually 24 hours a day, whether in precarious situations, Sun hour (because although they are in a porch there is many hours giving the Sun continuously, and they cannot protect themselves in the summer to be tied) and alone all day that the couple often not much for the day, Apart from causing that the poor animals spend all day barking, as it is normal in your State, little more they can do to complain.

But the main problem was when they brought a dog of prey or a similar crossing, It is a so-called dog “dangerous breeds” and let it loose.

This dog was devoted to literally destroy the smallest dogs that had bound, a small Hound, similar to a Greyhound.

It shook for several minutes destroying the poor animal, between heartbreaking squeals of distress knowing that he was going to die and not being able to flee because it was tied with a string.

A woman and a man dared using sticks to stand up to the dog managing to pick up the shattered small and out of that House, put in the position of that loving woman of animals between weeping and hands full of blood, remind you feel me like crying again.

Came shortly after local police, statements and van Servican, to bring the dogs.
When were the poor hound into the garbage bag, they realized that it was still alive and rose it chain, that was when I saw it close, a poor dog looking with a side of pain and sorrow the police and people who came to this macabre incident, for help. This image not me forget never.

A puppy full of blood throughout the body and with the front paws cut into four or five pieces, It was in that State because this known individual of the quarter gave him the win.

I do not know the final State of the dogs, I imagine that the little died on the way they sacrificarían or the dam would be sacrificed, the other two puppies, among them was a Pitbull, they will be slaughtered if nobody rescues them before.

What I most outraged of all is to see that had not yet gone 24 h. and This fiend was already two new dogs It will be the same fate.

To avoid that you reaching this situation weeks before she spoke with a protective and local police, the first indicated that there were several complaints from neighbors and police indicated them that it was all in order and had papers, Police said that it would be to see the situation. ( Or is not passed or passed but everything). They only appeared when succeeded the tragedy as always happens.

who would believe that a family living with two children on situations practically begging? (I doubt that they are attending school, Although I cannot confirm it) I was going to spend the money to vaccinate, put chip, Passport, etc. to 4 dogs?, It costs about 250€ do believe that if them were going to spend on animals??

Which proved that they had when collected them.

In addition to having the 2 dangerous dogs must meet the following:

– Administrative license granted to the Town Hall of the municipality where they live animal. Be renewed every 3 years and the owner must lack of criminal record.
– Municipal registration certificate.
– Certified veterinary official to confirm that the animal does not present any kind of symptom of acute disease or show signs of aggressiveness, taking vaccines and desparasitaciones per day.
– Take out civil liability insurance
– Identification of the animal by Microchip.
– Certificate of psychological aptitude.

And that's still more money.

But nothing at all.
But my indignation increases a lot more, that failure to comply with all this entails fines of several thousand Euros and even in cases of attacks can lead to jail sentences.

But how do not have money, can they do whatever they want??, If anyone takes his dog loose to put a fine of 600€, If they do not collect a therefore as caca are 60€, But if do you in a bad state the fine is greater, but clearly this does not apply to the whole world.

But if I have 4 dogs without papers, in a State of abuse, two of them dangerous causing attacks with death results, nothing happens, It is more the next day I have 2 dogs.

When is the next attack a child, cast you it to dogs and not be inhuman guilt that is in that State and is free to do whatever he wants because he does not punish, but then best measures are taken to be a person that dies equal, just need to wait that death, Perhaps at that time someone will take justice into their own hands to see that you did nothing before.

Because they do not collapse that House??
Because no multan or put in prison to that individual??
But it is going to do anything?, because they allow you to continue to have dogs?
Social Affairs has been that House to view the status of children??
Wanting to protect in that House in ruins with many dogs??

Please all that smells very bad.
If the law is for all her comply with all, and not only that can pay fines.
Does anyone have ideas on how to fix it please stating it I, This may not be so and that repeat.



A dog called ´Milagros´ – Alicante

Mari Carmen Brotons embracing and kissing the miracles dog who has saved his life. JESUS CROSSES

Survival. Yira is an abandoned dog that has survived against nature. It has remained two days heartfelt, trapped and unable to move more of 30 degrees after suffering two abuses on the road of Elda and Sax. His rescuers have been renamed. It is now called “Miracles”.

They say that the dog is man's best friend but the man might be, at the same time, the best friend and worst enemy of the dog. All this you know much Yira, a dog of mixed race and little more than year and a half of life that has survived despite suffering two atrocities and remain immobilized two days in the interior of a drain, without eating or drinking anything and higher temperatures to the 30 degrees. That is why their saviors, a couple of Sax, they have decided to rename it. It is now called “Miracles” to remember his gesta. A miraculous adventure dating back to the 22 hours of the 20 August when both drove his car along the road of the turret linking Elda and Sax. Near this latter municipality was when both realized the presence of the dog malherida on the asphalt after having been winding minutes earlier by a car. They quickly sought a place to turn around and, just when they managed to stop at the hard shoulder to aid her, a tourism MPV circulating in direction to Elda her struck for the second time.

Yira was rolled scared unable to move the hind legs towards a nearby bushes and disappeared into the darkness. “The image was terrible. We hit a lot and while we try to help the poor animal we proved impossible to find it”, Remember Mari Carmen Brotons.

But in the end the search resulted. Two days later had spotted it with very weak vital constants in a drain near the place where was hit. “We have been to the vet and he made many tests. At first we thought that it would not exceed it and that it would end up dying, but after entering the dog at the clinic for one week he began to improve and we brought her home, and on Thursday - explained yesterday excited - began to walk”. The mestizo still presented on the face and hind legs the wounds of the two abuses. “It continues with the shock in the body, He still has the sad eyes and trembles much, but every day we see more happy and more confident it, and that also makes us happier to us and to all persons who have turned to help her”, It says its new owner as the previous continues without signs of life despite numerous attempts to locate it. Was the vet who detected the chip which contained the name and telephone number of the owner. But it has not responded to any of the calls and messages that have been sent in the last nine days. Thanks to the chip also it has could ascertain that the dog was called Yira. Now, However, He begins to respond to the name of miracles because it is a miracle to continue with life for his rescuers.

Complaint to the Guardia Civil

Mari Carmen Brotons yesterday went to the barracks of the Guardia Civil of Sax to denounce the facts. “I think it is very sad that there are people who leave their pets thrown out there, abandoned to their fate, without any humanity or remorse”, regrets. For this reason and for the “strange disappearance” the owner of the dog has decided to denounce the facts and, step, He has also claimed more road safety on the road from the turret. “Each week he died hit in this district a dog or a cat and accidents are too frequent”. His grandfather died just years ago on this same road when it circulated in bicycle and a car that went into the Elda took him ahead. The driver even stopped to rescue it.


Detainee while beat his two dogs with a bar on the street – Sevilla (Spain)

A man, J.C.S, of 32 years and Swedish nationality, He has been arrested after acting violently against national police officers after they try to punish him on a street in the Centre of Seville by delivering a beating with a steel bar to two dogs of your property.

As reported by the national police, the man was arrested accused of crimes of resistance, disobedience and attack against the agents of the authority, When are you attempted to identify by mistreating animals in public street with a steel bar.

The intervention occurred when the operating room of the 091 He informed the police that had received calls which explained that a person threatened passers-by with a metallic object.

Once on the scene the agents found the veracity of these threats and various citizens explained that the reason for them was that had sharp you their behavior, because he wore a while shouting and beating two dogs who were with him with a metal bar.

  • He was charged with crimes of resistance, disobedience and attack against the agents of the authority, After that is him trying to identify by mistreating animals

Why agents requested his personal documentation to identify, what the man refused repeatedly and, nervous and agitated, He began making insults to the police who even tried to hit with the metallic object.

The man was even falsely punched and kicked the officers, so it had to be reduced and stopped.

The dogs showed symptoms of continued ill-treatment, and after the arrest of its owner officers noticed that the dogs presented numerous injuries, new and old.

One of the dogs was lame for the same and showed symptoms of malnutrition, so began the formalities necessary to make welcome them any institution for the protection of animals, making your move to one of these centres.

Via: abcdesevilla

Why they steal dogs in the United States.?UU.?

Thieves take advantage of the love they have dogs.

The theft of dogs in United States has tripled in recent years, According to new data. Why are these pets a white??

Getting home and see that it has already been sacked by itself is sufficiently distressing, but for Peggy Riley loss was deeper.

Its two Yorkshire terriers of 9 years of age, Baxter and Cooper, they were stolen, What made the loss of your computer and the disorder of his home in San Antonio, Texas, they were insignificant in comparison.

“I only remember that suddenly I realized that it was in the middle of the street, two houses of mine, shouting their names and crying nonstop”.

“The anguish is so great that I can not describe. My life was shattered. I have no children, so they were my babies”, He told the BBC.

Riley, of 48 years, He has spent thousands of dollars trying to recover their dogs and still offering a reward of $10,000 to whom back them safe and sound. Two private investigators are working on the case and have placed advertisements in several newspapers. They also created a page on Facebook asking to return them.

She believes that the thieves took them by chance, but the Yorkshire terrier is one of the races more steal criminals who consider dogs valuable as a source of income in difficult times.

New data of the Kennel Club of United States indicate that the theft of dogs in this country more than doubled this year and has quadrupled since the beginning of the recession.

Armed robbery

“There are economic reasons of Fund”, says the spokeswoman for the club, Lisa Peterson. “Offenders sell them on the internet to unsuspecting buyers at flea markets or on the edge of the road. I've seen stolen dogs appearing later miraculously when the owner offers a reward”.

Offenders Act in many ways, notes: they get into the houses, on parked cars or simply stealing them from the people on the street.

Cooper still has not returned to his home in Texas.

Family was playing with her terrier pitbull in Oklahoma when a man approached them and made them a few questions, has Peterson. Then, followed them home and the morning following entered, he tied to the family while pointed them a gun and robbed the puppy.

In New York, a girl was pulled out to his Maltese Bichon of arms on the street, While in Idaho a girl suffered a similar attack while he was resting on the bench in a park.

All races are vulnerable, but particularly small, as the Yorkshire terriers and Pomerania, because they are popular and easy-to-load.

The increase in thefts occurs when the potential owners are paying more and more by a dog, According to the Association of products for pets United States: up to US$ 354 last year, While in 2008 the price was US$ 221.

There is a 46 millions of Americans who have more than 78 millions of dogs.

This type of robbery gained notoriety in the 1940s and 1950s, When there was a series of kidnappings of famous dogs. Then, the Disney film “101 Dalmatians” again them bring to light, but not until 1966 that practice was officially declared illegal in the United States.UU.


The horrific case of dumb dogs in Argentina

The day 23 June last the Argentine channel America, in its central news, He showed a hidden camera that realizes a reprehensible fact at all levels, an unusual cruelty and which is doing business in the neighbouring country: In the city of Berisso, a woman mutilated dogs getting them their vocal cords, as well they not barked and sold as dogs that do not disturb.

A few years ago had become fashionable in Brazil loud vocal cords to these pet surgery, It whining them. An outrage simply.

The Council of Brazil veterinary medicine has issued recently on the subject, comment making it clear that veterinarians who practice that surgery on a serious lack ethics and therefore, they may be subject to sanctions.

But now the law imposes. In Brasilia, veterinarians who make these mutilations can be punished with up to one year in prison.
Re-educate the annoying animal is the only thing that should be done and of course that is possible if devoted you the time and effort required.

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