A cat survives after his owner tried to cook in a microwave

Stephen Stacey, of 20 years, got your cat in the microwave before the animal arañase you hand. In Portsmouth.

The cat survived the savagery when veterinarians so sumergiesen in water and subsequently treated it with ice. Despite all, seven hours after the attack the cat was still emitting heat.

The animal suffered eye injuries, brain tissue, in the language and several internal organs.

The young man, at the trial, He was sentenced to not return to animals of lifetime, According to the Daily Mail quoted, In addition to 16 weeks of jail.

Lawyers for Stephen Stacey, expecting a child with his girlfriend of 17 years, they tried to lower the sentence stating that it no longer drink, and he wants to reform his life. None of the allegations convinced the judge.

The cat, It has been renamed as Nancy, It is totally recovered in the hands of a protective.


Complaint by the brutal death of two dogs – Jaén (Spain)

Protection of animals of Úbeda

The protective society of animals Felicán a case of animal abuse reported to the Guardia Civil, result in the death of two dogs. The facts, According to the entity, occurred on a plot in the cemetery road, in la cuesta Zapata, where a dog and Cub died at the hands, apparently, of its owner. The adult animal was hanged and beaten small.

From the protective court requested him were removed to the owner the other dogs in the plot, to avoid a repetition of the events, to the hardness of what happened. As they argue, the dog had serious wounds in a leg and was in appalling hygienic conditions sanitary and with an extreme thinness.

The case, It was discovered by a partner of Felican, It was a follow-up to the dogs, He came to be photographed alive, It was made known to the Seprona of the Guardia Civil. However, the complainant says that, Despite the complaint, the owner decided to slaughter the animals unless given time to save them.
Felican announced that all similar cases shall be placed in the hands of Justice and recalled that animal abuse is a crime punishable, even, with jail. They encouraged citizens to denounce these situations.

Laura Martinez/Úbeda

Via: diariojaen.es

Advocacy denounced the death with a Lance of a dog in Bedia – (Bilbao- Spain)

Photograph of the Mastiff dog Txispas, It has killed alanceado by an unknown in Bedia. (DEIA)

They say that the dog is man's best friend. Unfortunately, often the feeling is not I reciprocal and these animals just suffer from a lack of sensitivity of some people. The protective Association of animals ASAAM yesterday denounced before the Bilbao Basque police the “cruel murder” a dog in a field which the protector is using Bedia. Txispas, a mestizo of Mastiff and labrador, had 6 years. Those who knew him described him as a noble animal, quiet and friendly, something that the killer failed to appreciate. Txispas was alanceado. More than one meter long sharp object passed through his body “from part to part”. The veterinary surgeon who performed the autopsy assures that “It has suffered from an appalling agony”. “Several have had and the spear has broken several ribs. Have destroyed you”, explained Mariano male, Head of ASAAM in Bizkaia. Mortally wounded, Txispas dragged to the ground from the shelter where he eventually died in blood. After he left a trail, a trail of blood, According to the protective, “reaching to the adjoining property”. “They have ensañado with a helpless dog at 1 meter distance. Txispas was not aggressive, If it had slipped into another field could be prone position without problems”, added male.

Complaint the protective preferred to leave the resolution of the crime in the hands of Justice, therefore reported the case to the Ertzaintza whose agents inspected the area in search of evidence. For its part, the protection of animals atheist condemned “with energy this vandalism act against innocent and peaceful, which case should be spokespeople for form gradual Euskadi abandon its third world status in the field of animal protection”.

Source: gevha

They save more than a thousand dogs from being cooked in restaurants in Viet Nam

The animals were being trafficked from Thailand to be served as a delicious Vietnamese restaurants. Police in Bangkok , Thailand, rescued on Thursday at more of 1.000 dogs were found stacked in tiny cages and were being smuggled to be served as food in restaurants Viet Nam.

Police intercepted four truckloads of cages with animals in an operation Thursday in the Thai province of Nakhon Phanom, on the border with Laos.

An officer said that 1.011 dogs had been covered in a Government shelter after two raids in the districts of Nathom and Si Songkhram.

Read moreThey save more than a thousand dogs from being cooked in restaurants in Viet Nam

Mother osa kills his puppy and commits suicide

The Chinese press reported in a special story of a mother bear who saved her cub from a life of torture strangling him and then committed suicide.

The bears were bred on a farm located in a remote area in Northwest China. There are they ordeñaban daily their bile vesicles for bear bile, It is used as a remedy in traditional Chinese medicine (MTC).

It was reported that the bears are kept in tiny cages known as crush cages, where they do not have any room for manoeuvre and they are literally crushed.

The bile is obtained through a permanent hole or fistula in the abdomen and gallbladder of bears.

As the hole is not never closes, the animals are exposed to diseases such as tumors and infections, cancer and death from peritonitis.

The bears are equipped with an iron vest, that often trying suicide by hitting his stomach, they are unable to withstand the pain.

A person who was on the farm, instead of a friend he was witness to the proceedings and told Reminbao.com that they were inhuman.

The witness also stated that the osa broke the cage when she heard her puppy screaming in fear as a worker find her stomach for milking it.

Workers fled terrified when they saw the bear running towards the cage of cub.

Unable to unlock the puppy from its bondage, embraced it to end up drowning.

He dropped to the puppy and I corrío to hitting head against a wall, causing death.

Many doctors of TCM have denounced the use of bear bile in its treatment, herbs and cheaper synthetic products already exist and can be used instead.

Bear bile is traditionally used to dissipate the heat from the body, as well as deal with high fever, diseases of the liver and eye conditions.

  • The Chinese press reported in a special story the case of a mother bear, that to save her cub from a life of torture, to finished strangling.
  • Los osos se encontraban en una finca en la que se les ordenaba diariamente la vesícula biliar para obtener la llamada "bilis de oso", It is used as a remedy in traditional Chinese medicine (MTC).
  • It was reported that the bears are kept in tiny cages, known as "cages of crush" in which the bears have no room for manoeuvre and literally crush.
  • The bile is harvested by a permanent hole or fistula in the abdomen of the bears
  • The hole not closes les never, which are at risk for all kinds of infections and diseases such as tumors, cancer and death from peritonitis.
  • The bears are equipped with an iron vest, often they try to kill was banging his stomach, they are unable to withstand the pain.
  • A person who was on the farm was witness to the inhuman procedures.
  • The witness also said a bear broke the cage when he heard the cry of cub, terrified, When preparing to drill into his stomach for the extraction of bile.
  • Workers fled frightened to see the mother bear running next to your puppy.
  • Could not free him from his bonds, so it ended up hugging the puppy to strangle him, He then ran at full speed to hit against a wall, dying on the spot.

Source: asiaone.com

You lower taxes if deliveries dogs for sacrifice (Sonora – Mexico)

City of San Luis Rio Colorado announced a fundraising campaign that consists of making a discount of 200 weights to the taxpayer for every stray dog delivered to the authorities.

NECESSARY?? In the Centre of Animal Control, the dogs are slaughtered by a lethal injection (Photo: THE UNIVERSAL file

Jesus Baldenebro Manuel Arredondo, Mayor of this border town, He said that it aims to increase revenues by raising in property taxes and water and at the same time attacking a problem of canine overpopulation affecting diseases.

The munícipe stated are calculated each 70 thousand dogs Street and in the past two years have been captured and sacrificed at least 17 thousand animals, due to the pollution problems that lead to the urge to defecate and dirty road.

He clarified that there are other measures for controlling canine sterilization and the adoption of animals, but the positive results are minimal.

He explained that with this campaign the only thing people have to do is deliver the dog in the Centre of the city Animal Control, and after a brief formality are deducted 200 weights in the property tax or water bill.

In the Centre of Animal Control, the dogs are slaughtered by a lethal injection, explained the Mayor, and so far they have had no problems with associations for the protection of animals.

Source: eluniversal.com.MX

They imprison young after burn your dog testis – New Mexico

James Dickie, of 23 years of age, of New Mexico he was imprisoned once allegedly burned his dog testicles to save on the cost of having to castrate him, According to the police in Rio Rancho.

James Dickie
James Dickie

The police, He received the call from a neighbor, He found the dog in the room unable to move due to Burns.

Researchers say that residents observed Dickie violently hitting the dog only two days before.

The dog, whose name is Charlie, He is receiving treatment for his wounds. A neighbor would have paid the 700 dollars to a local veterinarian to help treat injuries to Charlie.

The vet who examined him said that the dog is blind and had wounds in the ears, head and genitals.

Dickie was signed in prison on charges of cruelty to animals for fourth grade.

Source: misionlandia.com.ar

The protector does not collect animals because the Kennel is saturated – Plasencia (Cáceres – Spain)

Finca Municipal Capote
The main problem is that the protector can not collect more dogs because they have no where give shelter. The Kennel is full, There is one animal. The facilities are prepared for a maximum of 60 animals and the number is exceeded more than. And that, speaking only for dogs, because there is no space for another kind of animal in the enclosure. "One of our goals is to build", with the time, "a Center for cats", says Mateos.

However, is aware, with the times, the difficulty that this occurs in the immediate future

Source: Hoy.es

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