Posted by pets | 28 August 2011

The horrific case of dumb dogs in Argentina


The day 23 June last the Argentine channel America, in its central news, He showed a hidden camera that realizes a reprehensible fact at all levels, an unusual cruelty and which is doing business in the neighbouring country: En la ciudad deRead the rest

Posted by pets | 19 August 2011

A cat survives after his owner tried to cook in a microwave

35 (2)

Stephen Stacey, of 20 years, got your cat in the microwave before the animal arañase you hand. In Portsmouth.

The cat survived the savagery when veterinarians so sumergiesen in water and subsequently treated it with ice. Despite all, seven hours after the … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 18 August 2011

Complaint by the brutal death of two dogs – Jaén (Spain)


The protective society of animals Felicán a case of animal abuse reported to the Guardia Civil, result in the death of two dogs. The facts, According to the entity, occurred on a plot in the cemetery road, in la cuesta Zapata, donde una perra y suRead the rest

Posted by pets | 15 August 2011

Advocacy denounced the death with a Lance of a dog in Bedia – (Bilbao- Spain)


They say that the dog is man's best friend. Unfortunately, often the feeling is not I reciprocal and these animals just suffer from a lack of sensitivity of some people. The protective Association of animals ASAAM yesterday denounced before the Bilbao Basque police the “cruel murder” of a … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 14 August 2011

They save more than a thousand dogs from being cooked in restaurants in Viet Nam


The animals were being trafficked from Thailand to be served as a delicious Vietnamese restaurants. Police in Bangkok , Thailand, rescued on Thursday at more of 1.000 dogs were found stacked in tiny cages and were being smuggled to be served as food in restaurants Viet Nam.

The police … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 13 August 2011

Mother osa kills his puppy and commits suicide


The Chinese press reported in a special story of a mother bear who saved her cub from a life of torture strangling him and then committed suicide.

The bears were bred on a farm located in a remote area in Northwest China. Allí se ordeñaban diariamente sus vesículasRead the rest

Posted by pets | 11 August 2011

You lower taxes if deliveries dogs for sacrifice (Sonora – Mexico)


City of San Luis Rio Colorado announced a fundraising campaign that consists of making a discount of 200 weights to the taxpayer for every stray dog delivered to the authorities.

Jesus Baldenebro Manuel Arredondo, Mayor of this border town, dijo que con esto pretende aumentar losRead the rest

Posted by pets | 11 August 2011

They imprison young after burn your dog testis – New Mexico

James Dickie

James Dickie, of 23 years of age, of New Mexico he was imprisoned once allegedly burned his dog testicles to save on the cost of having to castrate him, According to the police in Rio Rancho.

The police, He received the call from a neighbor, found to the … Read the rest

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