Breeding of tortured elephant due to the illegal smuggling of Burma to Thailand


A baby elephant, receiving blows during a training session in a Karen village in Burma. The training session was coined the “crushing” If your goal is to break the spirit of the elephant.

The image shows that he knows that he is going to hurt – You can see how shuns the coup, This is the point: to cause sufficient pain to break his will. Wild elephants tend to be tied, beaten during 3 days in a row and almost let them die of hunger.



They condemned two men by baumhammers the dog from a neighbor in Villabrágima – Valladolid (Spain)

One of them said that the animal, a Mastiff for one year, it bothered him and therefore gave it "two trabucazos"

Spanish Mastiff

It «was me that given two trabucazos the dog», It happens something??». In this way he answered one of the two men who have been sentenced by the Audiencia of Valladolid to pay 1.300 euros as perpetrators of misconduct of child abuse to pets paths, When the wounded Mastiff owner asked them if they had something to do with the shooting carried out their animal.

The incident occurred last year in the Valladolid town in Villabrágima, and the Audiencia of Valladolid has confirmed the judgement condemning them and issued Court Medina Risoseco.

The incident occurred the 16 in February of 2010 When Theodore went to the home of Luis. After talking about a Mastiff dog breed, in previous days had become the Luis corral bothering to yours, Theodore took a shotgun from his car and fired two shots the dog who was at that time in the courtyard. The Mastiff, one year of age and Brown, belonged to another neighbor, who had been warned by Louis to take care with him.


Penal Code. In his article 632, the law punishes with lack and fines of up 60 days they cruelly maltratasen to pets or any other unauthorized shows. It also imposes the possibility of the sanction becomes work for the benefit of the community.


In this case, the judges also estimated that two convicts Villabrágima neighbors acted with intent, without giving credit to the authorship of the trampling and beating of other Mastiff, the neighbouring complainant property.


Next to the 1.300 EUR, They must pay the costs.


After hearing gunfire in the vicinity of your home, the owner of the dog and another person went abroad finding the Mastiff bleeding from the mouth and the lower jaw hanging, as reflected in the judgement of the Audiencia of Valladolid.

Both the owner and another witness observed how a car Renault 19, were the two indicted men, is away and they followed them to a bar. Already were inside when asked if had something to do with what happened with the dog, Theodore responded bluntly acknowledging that «he had given him two trabucazos».
The company and domestic animal was evaluated in 300 EUR, In addition to others 300 in which the judges estimated loss.

The audience considers these acts constitute misconduct of lower damage paths to the 400 euros and against the general interest, by imposed on each of the authors fines in the amount of 650 EUR each. The ruling absolves the owner of the dog having knocked down and beaten that day another Mastiff of the sentenced person.

Source: elnortedecastilla

Adana denounced the abandonment of several horses dying in Kings Hill – Badajoz (Spain)

The latter animal was pushed by an embankment over ten days ago and no institution has taken charge of the body

The horse is in the area known as source Knight, close to the Kings Hill. :: CASIMIRO

Caught in a quagmire, in the middle of a stream. In this cruel way abandoned 10 days ago to a horse in the outskirts of the cerro de Reyes, in the area of source Knights. Although still not known with certainty who has committed such an act, suspicions of focus in a well-known family of nomadic gypsies.

The mobile clan, of Portuguese nationality, It is dedicated to buying and selling of horses and often camping in that territory, a parallel to the road of Seville brickpit, to ensure that their animal feed. When considered to be one of their mules is sick or weak, They shirking from them without the least hesitation. «Sometimes tie them legs so that the poor animal could not follow them», explains Mary Manglano a businessman veterinary learned of the incident by the residents of the area. «They are always the same», says. «Come», stay here a few weeks and when they leave is a dying horses. This is not abandonment, «is abuse».

The worst case is no authority responsible: «National police said that cases of must occupy the protective»; the Local police ensures that it is not your responsibility; the nature protection service (Seprona) It points out that if the animal is found in an urban nucleus is not his own competence and can do nothing; and the Town Hall, more of the same. "Passed the ball of each other and nobody here does nothing".

It is not withdrawn

To verify that no one would take charge of the matter, the inhabitants of the neighbouring houses tried to rescue horses and out of the brook, but only managed to place it on the shore and give him a little food and water. Manglano offered voluntary sacrifice the animal, but when he went to the place already was dead "horse days was dying", is amazing. Not could they send a veterinarian to stop suffering??», This woman asked indignantly. Authorities also was in charge of removing the body of the horse. The company which deals with these issues, TRAGSA, Clerk of the Department of agriculture, He said the veterinary they come after him, but the horse still there. 'I know that they will not come'. Often they are not animals do not enter private properties, so the animal is going to stay at the brook, «contaminating the water».

Usual problems

It is not the first time that residents of the area have to rescue a dying animal. Veterinary science businessman says that the residents have already saved a number: "A Mare they tied hand and foot and left being pregnant". "Fortunately he managed to get ahead and has already given birth", Adds Manglano
This woman believes that this type of ' practices’ could be avoided if the police asked the documentation of the animals to travellers. «None of the horses has documentation in order», «they do not have the relevant passport or the microchip», manifest.

Veterinary science argues that it would be very easy to requisition the mules, but he believes that those responsible do not because «they are they attest they know they won't pay the fine because they don't have enough money». In addition, Manglano says that this systematic abuse carried out by the family of animals would not dare to do so at Portugal, where they are originating: «There are them fall hair». Here, on the other hand, «remain unpunished».
Precisely so that the fact does not remain unpunished, the Adana Association, organization that helps the veterinary, He has decided to lodge a complaint in the Seprona: «See if finally becomes something».


The city of Jiangmen, He has announced that it will not go ahead with the ban on dogs in the city.

The city of Jiangmen, He has announced that it will not go ahead with the ban (See news)

It seems that the lovers of dogs in China were not silent before the horrible announcement forced to give up their dogs.

This is excellent news, but when look closely, is far from being ideal. The China Daily said: “Citizens may continue with your pet, but they are prohibited from walking with their dogs in public places like parks, squares, schools, day-care centres, shopping malls, Hotels, etc…”. So, good, the dog must remain in hiding, but at least not be obliged to be away from their owners.

China prohibits the city dogs

A city in southern China has banned all dogs to run through its streets and public spaces after a series of cases of rabies.

Teams of Police seize and put all the dogs that are, a police spokesman warned photo: Richard Watt

Jiangmen, a port city for nearly four million people in Guangdong Province, It has established that all dogs must be off the streets at the end of this month.

“We hope that all citizens to cooperate with us in the creation of a civilized Jiangmen and send their dog to live in the suburbs or in rural areas”, a spokesman of the local government.

According to the details of the prohibition, a special campaign of “cleaning” start the 26 August, in order to remove all the dogs that roam the city centre. 42 people have died of rabies, in the city, in the past three years.

Teams of police confiscarán all the dogs that are, a police spokesman warned.

“We do not want to kill all the dogs that we find the urban areas of the city, We just want to ban on dogs to create a better environment for the city”, the spokesman, to the official newspaper China Daily.

The dispute arose between local residents after that some questioned whether policy apply only to the dogs, Street or, simply, all dogs. According to media reports, the regulations shall apply to all dogs, incluyendo las mascotas.

Mujer china pide a los policías que no sacrifiquen a su perro. Beijing -2006, antes de los Juegos Olímpicos.
Chinese woman asked police not to sacrifice his dog. Beijing-2006, before the Olympic Games.

This means that local residents to relocate their dogs between the 10 and the 25 August. Otherwise, many owners will see as their beloved pets will disappear from their lives. Seems like an unjust law..

Wang Chengzi, a local resident, He has made a reasonable proposal: “This is not just for dog owners, detailed regulations should be taken to guide residents to keep their dogs, and at the same time give them certificates instead of simply banning dogs.”

They denounced the State of neglect of eleven dogs in Doneztebe – Gipuzkoa – Spain

They are tied, without food and a shack full of excrement

Eleven dogs that are tied in this small space, they are in poor hygienic conditions. :: PERROLAND

Tied with a string of fifty centimeters, crowded into a space of just over ten square metres, sniffing their own feces and urine, without food… Thus were eleven hunting dogs, sighthound most, in a shack in the town of Doneztebe, as it denounces the dissemination Association for the rights of animals, Perroland. This entity has submitted two separate writings to the Mayor of the town and the director-general of environment and water of the Government of Navarra, to those who requested the opening of sanctioning proceedings against the owner of the dogs.
The Association sources relate that the situation in which the animals were was discovered by chance at the end of last week during a tour of the. «We went by the bidegorri to Doneztebe», but as he did very good weather we decided to continue up to the Hermitage of Saint Leocadia. Halfway we encounter a scene that seemed daunting to us: We saw eleven dogs crowded in a bounded area of ten square meters, tied with chains of half a meter and had some metal drums as carrier. The animals eat their own excrement. "The smell was foul", explains a spokesperson for Association.

The facts were reported to the service of protection of the nature of the Civil Guard (Seprona) the post of Urdax.
Officers of the armed Institute moved to the next day to the Shack and took some photographs. The guards found that some of the dogs, If not all, they lacked the mandatory microchip although they had the name and telephone number of the owner in the collar. 'We were told that they sent a complaint at the Town Hall and another in the Government of Navarra', They explain from the Association.
No time to care for them

Two days after the visit of the agents, Civil Guard contacted those responsible for Perroland to make them aware of research. «They had located the owner», who had acknowledged that he had no time to deal with dogs. He told them he would give them to eat when he could. The guards demanded that you submit health cards of eleven dogs. Now, «a veterinarian will have to verify that animals are in sanitary hygienic conditions that required by the law of animal protection», says the spokesperson for the Association.
Perroland has submitted two written complaints, one to the Mayor of the municipality of Santesteban and another to the Department General of environment of the Government of Navarra. Both documents, the Association claims that the shack does not fulfil the most minimal health and hygiene conditions for live animals. «Ground», the Dewar, "buckets of food and other utensils have long without being cleaned and disinfected", ensure.
They added that 'it can be said without any doubt that these dogs have long been», If not his life, living in such conditions of abuse. Keep animals tied up with half a metre of string, no room to move and close on their own excrement is a type of animal abuse, in this case it seems to occur repeatedly, «that might be considered cruelty».

After recalling the laws in force requires the owners of the animals to keep them well cared for and prohibits any abuse case, He requested that they ordered the opening of an administrative sanction proceedings.
«We are on the case»

The Mayor of Santesteban, Miguel San Miguel Azpiroz, It has announced that he will take letters in the subject. "We have received the complaint by the Seprona as well as the Association and we're going to get in touch with the owner of the animals".
The Mayor described as "shocking" the photographs that you have come from the association with respect to the situation in which the dogs were. "The first thing we do is take the dogs of the place", because they are not really in good condition. And then, We will check if the hut is legal or not. «We urge the owner to make her disappear».



Tad, the abandoned dog


It was four months ago that I met Tad. I had every intention of sacrificing him and put an end to the most horrific suffering that I have ever seen in person. I see the commercials for the ASPCA, I see images online, I read news in headlines… but I can promise you that all this falls short when you know first-hand. It's an indescribable feeling… Heartbreak and rage. Who would this do?? Why do they do??

Most of the time… never have answers. I am inclined to think that this is probably the best.

I remember all the people who told me that euthanasia was the best thing for him. He had suffered too much and was selfish on my part to try to save it. I often wonder why so many people that it is expired so easily?? Not me wrong, I have given I up?? … had to let me go??. Now I think I would not, He would fight until the last moment. Would have been more selfish apply euthanasia with him, Let him continue trying, It is my opinion.

He never surrendered … not once. It's been through a lot in a very short space of time, and look where we are now. I look back over the past four months and as passed … could have sacrificed you, But how much would have missed you!!

However, is not me … so I look back through the eyes of Tad and I now understand why looks at me as you do … It is not a look that says: ' Mommy’ or ' I love you’ … is more a look of: ' You're my hero, and I owe you everything. It is genuine gratitude, an expression of the most powerful way of saying 'thank you'. Now I understand why acts as it does … Has never been given the opportunity to experience the world without having to fight to survive. I don't want to be blasphemous, but Tad has “born again”.

This is new for him … These experiences need more time. I would remind you to be patient. I understand why not let me out of sight, I understand why goes absolutely insane when I can not see or know where I am. Everything makes sense … I don't know if “separation anxiety” is the correct term to explain it.

I look back your photos and videos, Miro from the beginning, I don't remember it seems so horrible, I do not remember the seriousness of its many problems. But then I realize … they are photos and videos, I can't see him to “He”, I can not see his will, their struggle, his spirit … Perhaps that is why he protested when trying to save him. So many Tad have overcome so many problems. My battles are not compared with the war waged in your body. Their problems make mine look so small!! … I try to remember this when I'm having a bad day.

Once you've lost all hope … I hope that the history of Tad seizes your mind, and I hope that you realize that this is not anything … You can do. No matter how began … Remember that you can go from point A to point B. .. Tad did in just four months.

Point A
Point B


Sentenced to pay a euro for a dog to lose

Badajoz – Spain

They claim a person by misplacing your pet and claim only a symbolic compensation

Susana Merino and Luis Gragera with a photo of your dog. :: PAKOPÍ

"It is not the material damage", "it is a part of your life". So describe Susana Merino and Luis Gragera the pain felt by the loss of his dog. This businessman couple had been more than seven years living with 'Boy', a short hair and color boar Teckel. The month of January, due to a move, they were forced to seek a place where you leave your pet during a time. After not having found a family that was close to home, in the city of Badajoz, that I could take care of the animal decided to rely on the canine residence and school training ' two heads’ located in the town of Montijo. According to Susana, «to the owner», It was presented as a psychologist in dogs, He explained that he was an active animal, He could escape and that should not leave without strap so take care. He gave us good impression, that is why we pay the 90 euros in the first month, not give us any kind of receipt, "and we leave it there".

After 15 days, during a visit to the animal, the owner of the residence commented them that the dog was suffering from anxiety and you could treat it by 600 EUR. The family preferred that only further seized of caring for the animal during one time. The 8 March, seeing that the owner of the residence not catered to their calls, they arrived at the place and discovered that the dog was not. Caregiver informed them that ' guy’ had escaped behind a Hare when it had been taken without belt. At that time, the family began their search: they talked with neighbors, they put posters and offered a reward of 300 EUR. In addition, "the owner of the residence asked us the number of the microchip to an allegation of disappearance". "After searching for days", and discover that this person had not even reported, «her put ourselves». Like this, They presented a first claim for criminal proceedings against the owner dismissed by not try the misappropriation of the animal. At that time, Thanks to a lawyer of the city, they filed a second lawsuit by civil means which called for the amount of one euro for negligent conduct.

In this second view, the owner of the residence pleaded guilty to bringing the animal without a tie and having lost. The sentence failed last 14 July by the Court of first instance and instruction No. 2 of Montijo. It is estimated the demand made by Susana Merino and condemned the defendant to pay the amount of one euro to the applicant. «We could have requested a higher amount», between 1.000 and 3.000 euros according to our Attorney, but we are the only thing we wanted to get with this is that it make public, This man not campe to, "to consider and to be responsible for their actions", explains Luis Gragera.

For the family, the euro is nothing more than a token amount. His only claim is really to know what happened, that without a sentence which he blamed believed responsible for they would have to remain silent.


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