Sentenced to pay a euro for a dog to lose

Badajoz – Spain

They claim a person by misplacing your pet and claim only a symbolic compensation

Susana Merino and Luis Gragera with a photo of your dog. :: PAKOPÍ

"It is not the material damage", "it is a part of your life". So describe Susana Merino and Luis Gragera the pain felt by the loss of his dog. This businessman couple had been more than seven years living with 'Boy', a short hair and color boar Teckel. The month of January, due to a move, they were forced to seek a place where you leave your pet during a time. After not having found a family that was close to home, in the city of Badajoz, that I could take care of the animal decided to rely on the canine residence and school training ' two heads’ located in the town of Montijo. According to Susana, «to the owner», It was presented as a psychologist in dogs, He explained that he was an active animal, He could escape and that should not leave without strap so take care. He gave us good impression, that is why we pay the 90 euros in the first month, not give us any kind of receipt, "and we leave it there".

After 15 days, during a visit to the animal, the owner of the residence commented them that the dog was suffering from anxiety and you could treat it by 600 EUR. The family preferred that only further seized of caring for the animal during one time. The 8 March, seeing that the owner of the residence not catered to their calls, they arrived at the place and discovered that the dog was not. Caregiver informed them that ' guy’ had escaped behind a Hare when it had been taken without belt. At that time, the family began their search: they talked with neighbors, they put posters and offered a reward of 300 EUR. In addition, "the owner of the residence asked us the number of the microchip to an allegation of disappearance". "After searching for days", and discover that this person had not even reported, «her put ourselves». Like this, They presented a first claim for criminal proceedings against the owner dismissed by not try the misappropriation of the animal. At that time, Thanks to a lawyer of the city, they filed a second lawsuit by civil means which called for the amount of one euro for negligent conduct.

In this second view, the owner of the residence pleaded guilty to bringing the animal without a tie and having lost. The sentence failed last 14 July by the Court of first instance and instruction No. 2 of Montijo. It is estimated the demand made by Susana Merino and condemned the defendant to pay the amount of one euro to the applicant. «We could have requested a higher amount», between 1.000 and 3.000 euros according to our Attorney, but we are the only thing we wanted to get with this is that it make public, This man not campe to, "to consider and to be responsible for their actions", explains Luis Gragera.

For the family, the euro is nothing more than a token amount. His only claim is really to know what happened, that without a sentence which he blamed believed responsible for they would have to remain silent.


Arrested for killing the neighbor cat

Alicante – Spain

The arrested was surprised when he beat her in a cat with a broom and a patio “PATA de cabra”


The seven lives of the cat “Leone” they removed of broom and one beaten to death “PATA de cabra”. The alleged assailant, of 47 years, He was arrested by national police accused of a crime of animal abuse and after appearing on police premises and claim to have killed the cat because he had tried to attack him to him and a small dog that is was released with charges, According to this newspaper reported sources close to the case. The Mérida Raúl Foundation for the protection of animals said yesterday, After learning of aggression, It personará to exercise private prosecution. The last penal reform envisages penalties of 3 to 12 months deto prison, While the law 4/94 the Generalitat envisages penalties of 6.000 to 18.000 euros for abuse of animals.

The facts occurred in a building of the Virgin of the remedy district. Lenin, the owner of “Leone”, He left the animal two days at home of his brother Luis because he had to make a trip. The cat was used to down the balcony at night and Thursday morning did not appear as did every day. On the three and a half in the afternoon, Luis is startled to hear how roared a cat and heard shots. He looked at the window of the courtyard of the building and on the ground floor there was a man beating the cat with a broom. After using the broom grabbed one “PATA de cabra” to finish the animal, According to the eyewitness reported to the police. Dead once the Cat got her into a garbage bag, He threw it into a container and cleaned with water the courtyard

A police patrol went to the place after being alerted in the case of abuse and interview with the alleged aggressor ended up acknowledging the facts and saying what container he had pulled the bag with the body of the cat. In his defence he said that the cat had already gotten is twice at home and agents who had tried to attack him and his little dog in the room of your home. However, officials noted that neither the man nor his dog had scratches.

The owner of the cat, of Ecuadorian origin, He met the son of the arrested and he asked forgiveness and went to withdraw the complaint, but police already warned that the process would continue.

Lenin noted yesterday to this newspaper that had the cat for two years - is caught by his mother of the protective- and was “cariñosísima with people”, by what she doubted that attack man. The owner picked up the body of its cat of the container and buried in a field near his home in the neighborhood it Virgen del Remedio.


Police shoot dog because it ladraba

Dog cinnamon

The officers of units 164 and 165 District delights in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, shot this morning against a dog, identified as “Cinnamon”.

The policemen were eating lunch at the intersection of Ignacio Ronquillo and passage of the North of Chaveña colony, When one of them he was going to buy a drink and the dog will bark.

The agent brought the assault rifle and shot him at close range the animal.

The incident occurred with children and older adults who were at that time in public.

The official aggressor lifted the sleeve, While “Cinnamon” I'll stick with the spine shattered and unable to walk, According to staff of Centre Antirrábico attended at the request of the owner to take charge of the can.

The animal was transferred to facilities of Pro Animal defense Association (Aprodea) where would be staffed by veterinarians who conditions it is, they will define if they sacrifice to the dog to avoid more suffering.

The Secretary of public security, Julian Leyzaola, It has not issued for comments.

Source: daily

Veterinarian reported via criminal animal abuse

Attention: the facts that will relate to the following may offend the sensibilities of our readers. Although, This is not new to trying to news about animals, Unfortunately.

Animal justice, last Tuesday 12 July, persono as particular charges in the complaint filed by Seprona against the veterinarian of the municipal kennels of Torrejón de Ardoz, for a few acts allegedly constituting an offence in the Penal Code according to the Art. 337: "The who by any means or procedure unreasonably abuse an animal home or amansado", causing death or injury which would seriously impair her health, shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to one year of imprisonment and special disqualification for one to three years for the exercise of profession, "trade or commerce that relate to the animals".

The current March, the Kennel worker notice to the veterinarian who has hired the Town Hall, that a dog had problems and could not give birth. The vet three days told him that it was normal, everything was fine. Days later, At night, the worker happened to see the dog and he saw her in very poor conditions for what I call the vet, I persono in the Kennel. Actually the dog was very bad, and the vet is not think another solution which operate in a quarter of the Kennel was not ready to be used as operating room. Two persons present proposed the veterinarian to move the animal to a clinic, they were costs, but the vet refused in resounding.

During surgery, witnesses saw the dog remained rigid but awake and emitted moans of pain. The animal was not you put even one intravenously to manage serum. Of all the puppies, only two were alive. Veterinarian leave the dog pulled in the fourth half dead and I will leave the two puppies newly born beside her. Two hours later, During his round of the local police found the two puppies very badly and the dog dying. They could move to the Cubs to a veterinary clinic, dog could do anything for the dog who died desangrada mouth.

According to Matilde Cubillo President of Animal justice "What happened that night in that room was a true carnage". To the vet you should withdraw his veterinary license. Surgery of risk to a dog in a fourth any of a kennel is inadmissible. More even when the animal was conscious and complained that he felt the pain. "All this for not having met the dog the previous days when will I inform you that he had problems at birth".

Animal justice I report the facts before Seprona that it acted quickly moving to the kennel and removing the animal's body to conduct an autopsy in the Faculty of veterinary medicine of the Complutense University. Followed the chain of custody of the animal's body until his arrival at the Faculty. Cubillo Adds "The veterinarian submitted to the bitch to terrible torture, was he aware of their suffering already that the dog I was awake and complained. This is an alleged crime of animal abuse. Is person must pay for it and we will ask for the maximum penalty that includes the justice, one year in prison. The more outrageous for us, is that this vet, call him somehow, It is still the veterinarian of the municipal kennels of the municipality. How is it possible?? how a city can pay a similar person with the money of their citizens who increasingly have more sensitivity to the animals. In a few days, the Court will deliver us the result of the autopsy, but we have several vets that stand, proving that this vet, being aware of this, I own the dog an improper medication as an anaesthetic, This medication only brought the dog a muscle paralysis, What prevented him from moving, but he was aware of everything, "suffered indescribable pain since opened you the abdomen to get puppies".

Until when?? How long we will have to read these atrocities?? It shall enter one day this country in the 21st century or we are going to continue behaving like barbarians?, without ethics or feelings? Lords, the word torture and cruelty for a long time that it should not be part of our vocabulary. It is assumed that humans must evolve.


Matan 17 dogs to set fire to a refuge for animals in Ferrol

Terra Can (Ferrol)

The entity responsible for suspect that the fire was intentional, What made complaint at the national police, that it is investigating the facts.

A Dantesque show. That's what we found those responsible for the protective Terra Ferrol Can in the early hours of yesterday, When, in the light of the day, they found what caused a fire declared in his shelter of Brión at midnight on Friday. «Upon arrival saw fourteen dogs completely burned and then saw that it was still more», up to the 17. "Who did this do not have heart", Vanessa Lopez was dismayed, Vice-President of the protective.

The entity responsible for suspect that the fire was intentional, What made complaint at the national police, that it is investigating the facts. Terra Can was established last January and, at the moment, It is in formalities to legalize their refuge.


Nine injured dogs serious after eating meat full of needles in the street

The food was thrown from a window to the square of Leo XIII, in El Llano, where usually meet several owners with their pets

Nine dogs have had to receive veterinary care and two of them are in very serious condition, After having eaten meat in which someone introduced large numbers of needles, According to several owners who last night filed a collective complaint in the police station, Gijon.

Animal engulleron the meat in the plaza of Leo XIII, in El Llano, where they often go many owners with their pets. Apparently, the food could have been thrown from the window of a nearby building, by the way in which it was disseminated throughout the area, According to police sources they advanced the complainants.

Two of the dogs are in very serious condition, two others were last night observation and a third was being operated at the time of writing this information, as explained in this newspaper Maite Martínez, one of the complainants.
The veterinary part attached to the complaint in police station indicates that animals were injured in the digestive system, as a result of the puncture needles, having to be some of them operated emergency.

Although some residents expressed his discomfort because the square of Leo XIII meeting of pets, There had been no complaints of any kind, According to Maite Martínez.


A pet is left every three minutes at Spain

Animales abandonadosCouncils and the protective of animals they collected every day in Spain around 400 dogs and abandoned cats, What is an animal every three minutes and a half, Although last year there was a decrease in the number of drop-outs and an increase in the adoption, According to the follow-up report of the Foundation Affinity corresponding to 2010.

The data, in line with last year, are based on surveys carried out protective and municipalities more of 10.000 inhabitants, and point out that in 2010 We collected about 109.000 dogs –a 6% less than in 2009–, and almost 36.000 cats –a figure similar to that of the previous year–.

Unwanted litters are among the causes of abandonment (14%), the change of address (13,7%), economic factors (13,2%) and the loss of interest in the animal (11,2%), that is why the Affinity Foundation –that makes this study from ago 23 years– It considers that the economic crisis also affects pets.

All the dogs that are collected, the 45% they are adopted, the 17% they are returned to the owners and the 16% dying to euthanasia application, in a trend that reflects an increase in adoption of dogs in a 5,5% and cats in a 10%, While the length of stay of the animals in the protective has multiplied.

The crisis affects to the protective, indicates Affinity, because they have seen as well as during 2010 the 25% their members have left to participate, What is a “significant loss of resources” for entities.

The Affinity Foundation insisted on the need to tighten up the law and sanctions, increase the sterilization of animals, more campaigns against the abandonment, accreditation for the keeping of animals and the compulsory identification thereof, among others.

Barcelona (EUROPA PRESS)

They charged a man with animal abuse by the death of two dogs


According to a statement from the armed Institute, the surviving dog, Poodle breed, as one of the two were found dead, It has been deposited in the Bañaderos hostel.

The protection service of the nature of the Civil Guard in Guide started the investigation of these events after having knowledge that in a kennel in the place known as Camino de la Cañada, in Agaete, several dogs could be found in bad state.

Staff of the body proved the existence of two sheds which emanated a strong smell of putrefaction and devoid of all sanitation and hygiene, in one of which were the two podencos, one alive but in a State of extreme thinness, presumably due to malnutrition, Since there were no remnants of food and water around, and the corpse of the other.

The latter featured an extreme thinness and noting several bites with lack of meat, clear sign of having been devoured by the first animal, According to the release of the Guardia Civil, He also found another deceased boxer dog.

The cause of the death of both dogs is supposedly the starvation, that counted with the collaboration of the Faculty of veterinary medicine of the University of Las Palmas, the histopathological diagnosis service practiced the necropsy to deceased dogs.


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