They charged by serious animal abuse to two women who were in his house 19 dogs between faeces and corpses

Animal abuse

The nightmare continues in the village of Villanustre, in Rianxo (La Coruña). The images of this town slipped in the media of all Spain five years ago because it was discovered that a family had each 130 dogs crammed between Lee and skeletons of animals in sheds, a refuge and at home. And yesterday the story was repeated. This time they had 19 dogs in identical conditions. But with an aggravating factor: the dogs were all between the courtyard and the home of the family, full of feces, bodies with an unbearable stench and canines. Seprona, Local police and volunteers took to the animals. But the drama of its owners is still intact.

To understand what happened yesterday must go back 25 years. Carmen Tubío - which is now in retirement age- and his daughter, Mari Carmen González, They then began to welcome dogs. They came to build a shelter and to be rewarded for his altruistic work. But they were hands. They put dogs in sheds, in your home… Everywhere. The year 2008, in theory, It was a before and an after in its history. It was discovered that dogs were living in horrific conditions and withdrew them 130 canes. And they sanctioned them. But it was not enough.

A few days ago, mother and daughter led to one of the copies to a veterinarian. They wanted that they cut hair. In the clinic, to see the terrible aspect of the animal — with wounds all over the body and numerous pathologies- He was told that it needed urgent attention. They marched. Someone saw them and reported the case to the Vox Ánima protective. Y, yesterday, an operation consisting of Seprona, Local police and officials of the protective of animals Vox bore and Moura landed in Villanustre. They wanted to get dogs for good. And they did.


The daughter was not home - apparently, now lives in another village- and her mother left that they have to take the animals, Although it did between tears and saying to create correct dogs and your own family - in the House also lies her husband and an old- live so far: surrounded by stools. «Eu coidoos, EU coidoos. Non Eles can live sen nin us sen eles min», repeated between tears. The Seprona, I was trying to remove him his theory and reassure her, imputes to her and her daughter two separate offences of animal abuse.
Yesterday also came to light another most damning reality still. A bedridden elderly woman to live in that House, According to said some people who saw her yesterday, is not in optimum conditions. And Mari Carmen has a small son that, According to different witnesses, is in that home daily.

Ago 25 years began to host animals and they were awarded for their work

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Moroccan arrested with 37 dogs dead and ready to turn into sausages

A Moroccan was arrested yesterday in the center of Casablanca with 37 dogs killed and skinned, and according to his confession ready to turn them into sausages, According to you today the journal “Aujourd'hui ’ hui le Maroc”.

The finding occurred by chance, When a truck driver committed a traffic violation and was intercepted by a policeman; to inspect its cargo, the agent discovered the bodies of dogs in tow.

The driver, It seems to be a butcher, He confessed that he was heading with his load the old medina, where dogs would be identifiable and transformed into sausages.

In 2009, seven people were arrested in Casablanca for selling dog meat mixed with dyes and chemicals to make it pass by minced beef and market it in a country where the dog is particularly despised.

This image may offend your sensibilities
dead dog


They are on a beach in Boiro (La Coruña) a dog died with tied legs


Members of an association dedicated to the defense of animals, Vox Anima, yesterday morning they found a dog dead on the beach of A Gavoteira boirense. The dog had the legs tied up with duct tape, What made it impossible that he could swim when supposedly was thrown into the sea.

Some neighbors were those that gave the alarm voice. After locating it, Vox Anima filed a complaint at the local Civil Guard post, in order that an investigation into what happened and locate the perpetrators of the macabre incident. The body of the dog was retired by members of Civil protection, After checking that there was no microchip that could identify its owner.

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L describe ’ Oceanogràfic of Valencia denounce abuse to animals

The Oceanographic

CACSA denies any abuse and ensure that facilities meet “all” quality requirements

Two former L ’ Oceanogràfic of Valencia have moved to the NGO SOS dolphins cases of “slackness” and “bad practices” in some animals, What has brought them to “sick” or, even, “to the death”, warned in a statement this entity –It brings together different associations–.

Against this version, from the city of Arts and Sciences (CACSA), the complex where L ’ Oceanografic, they have denied any kind of abuse to animals and they have secured, speaking to Europa Press, the Center's facilities meet “all” quality requirements. They have also pointed out that they will not enter “in this type of controversy”.

These two past the Park put in knowledge these facts to SOS dolphins separately, at different times, as reported from the entity to Europa Press, but they have pointed out that by now they discard move this situation to the Civil Guard or the courts.

Since that had knowledge of these facts, the entity has reported that he has directed both the direction of the Park and the Generalitat valenciana for reporting on some of these problems of welfare, and it has received answers “unsatisfactory” by the Administration.

These two former have denounced, among others, the case of a male walrus that, due to the stress that resulted in limited access to sunlight, “He died by the long intake of stones”. They also warned that a dolphin died “by eating the painting of the walls of the swimming pool”.

Another of the “problems”, He added the entity, is that there is a “excess” of animals for the size of the “small” pool. As an example, It has been suggested that the water of the sea lions “It is often cloudy and with large amounts of aluminum”. “Supposedly, one of the Lions frequently clashed with the divers while they cleaned your tank”, you have added.

The same sources have pointed out that the dolphins must be done “painful endoscopies periodically to remove them from the stomach all sorts of objects that are swallowed. Even, on at least one occasion, they extracted him a mobile phone of the stomach to a dolphin”.

They have also warned –based on the stories of the past– on cases of “attacks” the divers, as well as that of the beluga whale, KaiRo, “not accept your meal and the Russian coaches who were hired had secured him from the blowhole –delicate organ, painful and vital– and if not accepted the fish, full of all sorts of drugs, received a punch on the melon”.


Detain a man for shooting dogs alive in a ravine in Tenerife

Biceche ravine

The Civil Guard found a dozen bodies of animals at the bottom of a cliff in Tenerife

The Civil Guard have arrested a man who shot several live dogs in a ravine in Tenerife, as reported on Tuesday the armed Institute.

The arrest came following a complaint made by an environmental group that found in the ravine of Biceche, in Arona, a dozen bodies of dogs in a State of decomposition, said in a statement the Guardia Civil.

Officials inspected the dogs and using a microchip reader located the person who appeared to be registered as an owner of two of them.

Once located, It charged him as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse, they took her declaration and left him free with the obligation to appear before the judicial authority when required.

At that hearing the alleged perpetrator acknowledged having thrown two of the dogs, live, at the bottom of the ravine.


They demand to stop the "savage" killing of dogs in Punta Umbría

killing of dogs

Members of the associations advocacy and protective of animals have demanded today the authorities of Punta Umbría put brake to "wild and indiscriminate" killing dogs that have occurred "as a fun" in the last days.

Shot dead dogs lie at different points in the area of pine forests below the sea pine. Apparently, an Association of hunters of the coastal town have been called by the City Council and would have the blessings of the Junta de Andalucía to the abandoned dogs, days after a pack of hounds will cause the death of a foal. Representatives of associations concerned move tomorrow to Punta Umbria to try to stop the killing.

killing perros1

Observatory on courts and Defensa Animal has already moved a petition to management which stresses that "domestic animals abandoned to their fate are victims of the human carelessness and the lack of adequate control measures" by the Administration, which must always act in accordance with the legislation on animal protection which requires capture and handling of animals avoiding violent methods or involving damage to the animal.

"Hunting for pets is immoral and illegal especially when alternative measures in line with current legislation and with the popular feeling that rejects flat hunting dogs and therefore that they must cease urgently are not planned". In the news, Add, There are technical means and human that make possible a humanitarian protocol with abandoned pets "without that it is justified in any case hunting and shooting death of these dogs".

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They condemn the perpetrator of Txispas, dog shot and alanceado for year and a half in Bedia (Bizkaia)

Was so Txispas
Was so Txispas

The person accused of having shot and alanceado to Txispas to cause his death last month of August has been convicted of animal abuse by criminal court No. 5 Bilbao (Bizkaia), as reported by the Association for the treatment of ethics with the animals (ATEA). The accused neighbor has been sentenced to 4 months in prison, the payment of legal costs, payment of the veterinary costs of what he did and disabled for the exercise of profession, trade and commerce that has relationship with animals for a year long and to the right of passive suffrage during the time of the conviction.

Photo of Txispas with life
Photo of Txispas with life

ATEA, that he had access to court ruling, He explains that he estimated proven facts that are imputed to the person complained, who admits to having fired on the animal, that it topped across the chest with a metal bar. Txispas, mortally wounded, treatment of return home, the ground that ASAAM-Bizkaia (Milord Friends Animal Relief Association) He was then enabling as a shelter for abandoned animals. One of the volunteers found the body after following his trail of blood. The veterinarian in charge of performing the autopsy said in his day that Txispas suffered "an atrocious agony". According to sources of the Association, "Txispas was a very friendly dog, in any aggressive way, Despite having been always tied", and that "thanks to the intervention of the Association significantly improved their quality of life, After allowing his mistress that volunteers undertake part of him and another companion".

The text of the ruling leaves no doubt: the accused declares is author of the violent death of Txispas, and he admits that with his performance he intended to kill the animal in a painful way. Like this, judge, in application of article 337 of the criminal code, It imposes a quintuple sentence explained at the beginning of this text.

ATHEIST wants to add that although considered that "the punishment the aggressor far from being that deserves", It has at least proved damning, which means that you are still taking steps, slow but solid, in the right direction".

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Vietnamese pig: fashion to the abandonment mascot

One of the copies of Vietnamese pork staying in Natura Parc. | Alberto Vera

Natura Parc picked up in 2012 more than one fortnight of abandoned Vietnamese pigs

The worst thing that can happen to a pet is that his arrival in the human sanctuary is the fruit of one of those fads that after a time eventually thicken the lists of animal collection centres. And in a matter of pets, each era had its fashion: reptiles, ferrets, French Bulldogs… Among the most recent and judging by the number of abandoned and collected specimens in 2012, the boom of makes two or three years in Mallorca were Vietnamese pigs.

The numbers of dropouts of animals continue to function as an indicator of the virulence of the economic crisis. The number of domestic animals collected by Natura Parc in the island in 2012 It follows the trend upward in recent years -2.511 total, 266 more than in 2011 (and not to mention the exotic species)–, including the entry in list of the latest chic mascot for urbanites to fashion. The facilities of the Foundation in Santa Eugènia welcome to 16 Vietnamese pigs collected this year, almost double the previous year.

The difficulties for the maintenance of animals due to the economic troubles are cause of abandonment both reframes that many homeowners are made after a while when they fall into the account that your pet is not always a puppy.

Usually, adult Vietnamese pigs do not exceed the 50 weight kg, Although Natura Parc technicians have already had to pick up to some other exemplary hybrid more of 200 weight kg. In addition, many people acquired by mistake or deception other species of exotic pigs reaching one larger than expected size.

So says the Chairman of the Foundation, Antoni Mas, who recounts the AWE experienced when picking up a copy of this weight who lived in an apartment in Palma and had the hind legs atrophied due to overfeeding and inactivity. «Normal, they only gave him to eat and not moved; that animal is not to be on a floor», points out more.

The Animalist Balearic Association denounced since months in the Town Hall of Palma the presence of a herd of abandoned pigs who had feral and which thrived rampant by the drying of the Real fields. Like other domestic animals, the Vietnamese pork nor seems to have no problem to adapt successfully to their forced emancipation. And weeks ago, the Civil Guard downed shots on a copy hybrid and very aggressive in the Puig de Santa Magdalena Inca that spooked some hikers who confused him with a wild boar.

Although at the start the fashion for several years its price it ranged between the 200 and 300 EUR, You can now find a Vietnamese pig with relative ease for less than 100 EUR. And the needs of the crisis have provoked that online trading is practically gave in some forums.

It is the tyranny of fashions. The same thing happened with dogs, says Carmen Rojas as witness in first line, spokesman of the Animalist platform of the Balearic Islands. «What has happened recently with the French bulldogs, He also spent with the Siberian huskys and before the Dalmatians». Red she sighs before what the vision of an endless succession of dog breeds seems that at one point or another were on the crest of the wave. But stops in Dalmatians. «How much damage did Walt Disney».

Cinema collaborates actively in putting fashion pets just as do celebrities who promote their pets off screens or scenarios (see the case of George Clooney with Vietnamese pigs). And to buy following the irrational impulse of fashion or mimesis with the star media turn the outcome tends to be repeated too often. The Son Reus kennels, to give an example, they are reaching a few dimensions of sacrifices unusually high in these times.

«The only positive is that the crisis also fewer animals are are becoming increasingly», says Rojas to warn that it is precisely by these dates, weeks after Reyes, When the dropouts of animals, that previously had been little pondered gifts for children, they soar. Rojas says that although not speak much of these rabbits are typical infant gift that then parents end up shedding although dropouts are very numerous almost have no notoriety.

The other problematic season is summer, When animals often stand between vacations and their owners. But not only we are talking about animal city. The number of abandoned-equidae (horses, donkeys, ponies) still on the 40 annual copies. Last summer, three horses caused serious accidents on the roads of Mallorca. Their owners, as in so many other cases of abandoned animals, they never came to claim them.

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