Posted by pets | 22 January 2013

Six months in jail for a ubetense for killing a dog and her puppy


Leo, a dog allegedly manhandled savagely in Linares by its owner until neighbors complained.

The Penal Court number 1 de Jaén ha condenado a seis meses de cárcel a un vecino de Úbeda que se declaró ayer culpable de matar a una perra yRead the rest

Posted by pets | 19 January 2013

Stop a man by abuse and neglect of domestic animals

The neighbour of Nules in Zaragoza had animals with extreme thinness and some dead, among horses, Mouflon, goats, dogs, pigs, donkeys and wild boar

The Civil Guard have arrested a man in Nules, neighbor of Zaragoza, for a crime of abuse and neglect of domestic animals in a facility where he had … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 7 January 2013

They are two dog puppies in a pit of tar in Antofagasta, in the North of Chile


A group of young people found this Sunday morning to two dogs trapped in a tar pit.

Dogs, approximately three months, They presented serious physical damage the suffocation with the chemical product, designates the site

According to witnesses, It is presumed that someone threw them … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 6 January 2013

Dog tortured to death in people of Siberia

Tortured dog in Siberia

A striking image of a tortured dog – He died after being tied to a rope and dragged by a car around a village in Siberia- The news has shocked the siberians.

The helpless animal was tied by the front legs and dragged at high speed by … Read the rest

Posted by tiadoc | 1 January 2013

For some farmers in Switzerland eating cats and dogs is something routine

edible dogs in Switzerland

While it is surprising the news because the commercial sale of dog meat is prohibited in Switzerland, "there are ferrous defenders because the"eat it"it is not something that is regulated...

It is a practice that we usually tend to associate it with countries of the far East, as China and Viet Nam, where it is believed that it brings … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 18 December 2012

Imputed a 72nd by drown to six puppies dog in Chantada (Lugo)

Civil Guard officers have imputed a crime of mistreatment of animals to a resident of the town of Chantada (Lugo) of 75 years of age charged with drowning six puppies from a litter of dogs.

He explains the armed Institute, to 12.00 hours on Monday in the town of Chantada was … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 23 November 2012

Owner of circus convicted of abuse to an elephant in United Kingdom


Employer received 3 years probation, Although his wife was acquitted of the same crime. Still looking for the caregiver of the animal, direct perpetrator of physical abuse.

Bobby Roberts (69), the owner of a circus in the United Kingdom, He has been sentenced to 3 years of probation by the … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 23 November 2012

They are attached to a lost dog and it burn live on a plot of Valencia


Aranzazu fell as each afternoon next to your walk to Tidus, a crossroads of Belgian shepherd who took just over one year ago in the protective of Valencia, Modepran. However, He escaped in a small oversight that later proved fateful: “No pude salí corriendo detrás deRead the rest

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