Six months in jail for a ubetense for killing a dog and her puppy

Leo, a dog allegedly manhandled savagely in Linares by its owner until neighbors complained.
Leo, a dog allegedly manhandled savagely in Linares by its owner until neighbors complained.

The Penal Court number 1 Jaén has sentenced to six months in jail to a neighbor of Ubeda who yesterday pleaded guilty to killing a dog and her puppy. He hanged them so they are not blocking you. Life of God dogs have hanged. Only that not before passing anything and now there are people who denounces the savages who do things well, and justice just condemning them. There is a change of social mentality of Fund. And with sensitivity to the courts people who isn't willing to behaviors and unpunished. As the Prosecutor of environment, Isabel Uceda, He has promoted several criminal proceedings against abusers of pets, or judge Valley Elena Gomez, yesterday condemned vivid voice to the 'ahorcaperros' of Úbeda.

Convictions for ill-treatment to pets are still counted on the fingers of one hand: a man who killed a dog attacking yours with a chainsaw, an elderly man who tried to hang a little dog on bridges, This Ubeda, and little else. Although there are various procedures underway: against a man accused of mistreating a little dog in Linares, against a woman who allegedly threw the dog from its neighbor by the balcony in Mengibar, against a neighbour to Cazorla which hung an olive against a man who left to die of thirst and a pet a dog in a country house. They are just the tip of the iceberg. But it already emerges. The first step to solving a problem is to be visible. And allegations of protective and the action of the Prosecutor's Office are putting real animals that live among us public opinion.

Kenya, a dog that suffered a hanging attempt, in an image of 2011 taken at the facilities of the protective of animals Ark in Torredelcampo. They had spent two years of the hanging and still was not left caress almost by anyone.
Kenya, a dog that suffered a hanging attempt, in an image of 2011 taken at the facilities of the protective of animals Ark in Torredelcampo. They had spent two years of the hanging and still was not left caress almost by anyone.

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Stop a man by abuse and neglect of domestic animals

The neighbour of Nules in Zaragoza had animals with extreme thinness and some dead, among horses, Mouflon, goats, dogs, pigs, donkeys and wild boar

The Civil Guard have arrested a man in Nules, neighbor of Zaragoza, for an offence of abuse and neglect of domestic animals in a facility where he had animals in extreme thinness and some dead. The arrest occurred after inspections of the SEPRONA and the official veterinary services of Castellón (OCAPA), which have made various complaints in the field of animal health and protection of pets.

After receiving a notice of a citizen, reported by the Civil Guard said in a statement, an inspection was carried out the past 9 January in which tracked down a dead horse and remains, apparently, a pig, What violates health measures of destruction of dead animals. In installations, in a State of abandonment, several horses were, Mouflon, goats, a dog, pigs and wild boars, all of them, except two donkeys and wild boar, in extreme thinness.

In addition, There was no food in any part of the installation, whose owner had no documentation relating to animals or environmental license. The detainee, F.P.L., of 62 years, already have had seized you in October of 2012 eight raccoons, for lack of identification and appropriate veterinary care. The man was set free prior knowledge of the Court's instruction number 3 of Nules.


They are two dog puppies in a pit of tar in Antofagasta, in the North of Chile
Animal abuse


A group of young people found this Sunday morning to two dogs trapped in a tar pit.

Dogs, approximately three months, They presented serious physical damage the suffocation with the chemical product, designates the site

According to witnesses, It is presumed that someone threw them because the well is located in an isolated place.

“We saw two heads that were sunken in the tar and we come to look at. They must have thrown them, because walking would have been difficult to reach up there”, said Marcelo Ibarra, one of the youths who rescued puppies.

Later, the group moved to the dogs until a veterinary grounds and already they seek owner through social networks.


Dog tortured to death in people of Siberia

A striking image of a tortured dog – He died after being tied to a rope and dragged by a car around a village in Siberia- The news has shocked the siberians.

Tortured dog in Siberia

The helpless animal was tied by the front legs and dragged at high speed by a silver Toyota Corolla car through the snow covered streets. At that time, the temperature in Novosibirsk was around of -25 º C

Bloggers have joined forces to identify the twisted murderers and bring them to justice. The dog died during a macabre joke during the new year in Severniy, a suburb of Novosibirsk.

Once the dog died, the malnacidos cut the rope and proudly took the photo of his innocent victim.

It is not known whether the animal was a pet or a stray dog – but disgusting treatment that has been subjected to has resulted in a mobilization by the web to identify and denounce those responsible for.

The image arose the 4 of January, two days after the Act of torture, and it has become viral on social networks of Russia.

“We are looking for witnesses”, said an announcement.

Ironically, the horrible image came on the same day in which Brigette Bardot threatened to abandon his native France and seek Russian citizenship if not prevented the death of two elephants in a zoo in Lyon.

Elephants named Baby and Nepal have contracted tuberculosis.

In 2011, Bardot, a sex symbol of the 60, He praised Vladimir Putin once this ban on the import and export of seal fur skins.

Via: siberiantimes

For some farmers in Switzerland eating cats and dogs is something routine

Edible dogs in Switzerland....

While it is surprising the news because the commercial sale of dog meat is prohibited in Switzerland, "there are ferrous defenders because the"eat it"it is not something that is regulated...

It is a practice that we usually tend to associate it with countries of the far East, as China and Viet Nam, where it is believed to bring good luck. But not to Switzerland.

The news has come to light thanks to a report published by a newspaper in the so-called country Tages Anzeiger, which specifies that the dog and cat meat is still part of meals but only in some areas of the Alpine country. The protagonists: farmers in the areas of Appenzell and St. Gallen.

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Imputed a 72nd by drown to six puppies dog in Chantada (Lugo)

Agents of the Civil Guard they have imputed a crime of mistreatment of animals to a resident of the Township of Chantada (Lugo) of 75 years of age charged with drowning six puppies from a litter of dogs.

He explains the armed Institute, to 12.00 hours on Monday in the town of Chantada was imputed to a resident of the parish of Whiting of 75 years as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of mistreatment of domestic animals.

The incident occurred in a cellar which has denounced the bass of his domicile when, supposedly, he drowned six puppies dog of a litter of eight days of life in a basin of water.

The imputed person has been put at the disposal of the magistrate of the luguesa town of Chantada.

Europa Press

Owner of circus convicted of abuse to an elephant in United Kingdom


Employer received 3 years probation, Although his wife was acquitted of the same crime. Still looking for the caregiver of the animal, direct perpetrator of physical abuse.

Bobby Roberts (69), the owner of a circus in the United Kingdom, He has been sentenced to 3 years probation by the mistreatment of Anne, an Asian elephant's 58 years,BBC reported.

The trial began in March of the 2011, then to the ONGprotectora of the animals Animal Defenders International (ADI) It leak a shocking video in which appears the caretaker of the ancient mammal, Nicolai Nitu, abusing him on numerous occasions. In the recording you can see how Anne falters at times.

Roberts has been condemned for not having been able to stop these actions to 3 years probation. His wife has been acquitted of the same charges.

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They are attached to a lost dog and it burn live on a plot of Valencia

Aranzazu fell as each afternoon next to your walk to Tidus, a crossroads of Belgian shepherd who took just over one year ago in the protective of Valencia, Modepran. However, He escaped in a small oversight that later proved fateful: “Couldn't ran behind him because I am a foot wrong so, as it was not the first time that I went, I went home to drop off my child and then went to look for it”.

After a couple of hours of searching by the neighbourhood of Benimamet in Valencia, around the 22.30 hours heard some heartbreaking bark that it came from a field that is next to the stonemasons metro station. Aranzazu explains horrified and between sobs how saw Tidus “tied to a fence” jumping desperate “with his whole body wrapped in smoke and calcined”.

Aranzazu called running to the Local police and to the vet. After the first cures, He could take it home “with the 70% body searing with first and second degree burns“. Though Tidus is still alive, “It is suffering much”. Veterinarians have been told that it is possible that it can survive and Aranzazu is clear that it will do “everything possible” to allow to recover from his wounds and discarded completely “sacrifice it”.

The facts occurred the past 14 November, as stated in the complaint that lodged in police premises and so far officials have not given with this terrible fact book. The neighbors are suspicious of a group of people known by the neighborhood that days ago attacked with stones about cats and up to a beggar.


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