They denounce the massacre of 100.000 ducks a year in a granaja of foie gras in Teruel

The Organization for the rights of animals Animal equality has denounced the death of 100.000 ducks a year by the practices “irregular” during the process of production of foie gras, as the priming of the animals, Caracierzos farm, in Santa Eulalia de el Campo (Teruel), considered the second largest in Spain in production of this product.

For this reason, Animal equality has presented, This Wednesday, a complaint with the Ministry of agriculture, Food and environment against this farm by the “failure to comply with provisions of the regulations in force in the field of animal welfare, conditions that must meet sanitary facilities and hygienic conditions”, as it has indicated the Organization.

The Organization has uncovered various irregularities, through a process of research and documentation carried out between the years 2011 and 2012, that it was practised in Caracierzos as the use of individual cages during feeding forced or priming process –practice banned in European legislation–; the sign of neglect veterinary causing health problems in animals; as well as the presence of animals held in plastic constructions.

In addition, It has revealed the lack of filtering systems of air and Windows in the farm facilities; the use of a system of feeders and drinkers that favours the spread of diseases among animals; and the use of spaces that lack of equipment and proper controls for the cleaning and disinfection of vehicles accessing the farm.

Also, Animal equality has criticised the presence of blood and covered with broken beak ducks, without be attended during his stay at the farm; with eye infections; with indicators of stress; and some dead inside and outside cages.

The Organization has also underlined the farm of Caracierzos provides outstanding companies that sell products derived from duck nationwide in supermarkets, establishments ‘ gourmet’ and well-known restaurants in Spain.

The spokesman for Animal equality, Sharon Nunez, It pointed out that this research uncovers a “scandal for the foie gras European industry” and has requested that the administrations “take letters in the subject”.

Last but not least, It has announced that they would begin a campaign during 2013 For what “follow no ignored this situation. The initiative will take place as a result of investigations presented during 2012 and aims to “create social debate, push specific prohibitions of the production of foie gras in Spain and establishments to stop selling this product”. “We do not want that I will develop the product in another way, but to ban the production of foie gras”, It has concluded.


Arrested for causing the death of his dog with a poison – Toledo (Spain)

The Civil Guard It has stopped in Toledo to E.V.M., of 53 years of age, to cause the death of your dog with poison, placed in a container within a vineyard of your property, located in the municipal term of Lillo.

The facts which gave rise to this arrest occurred when the Civil Guard Lillo communicated to patrol the service of protection of nature (Seprona) of the death of a dog Villacañas, While accompanying his owner in the practice of hunting, as reported by the delegation of the Government in press release.

Thus the things, the members of this squad met with the owner of the animal, who informed agents that this had drunk the liquid containing a container that was in a vineyard. Immediately after, the dog began having spasms and vomiting, so you moved it to a veterinarian in the town of Corral de Almaguer, who certified the death of the animal by a powerful poison intake.

The patrol of the Civil Guard, alongside environmental agents of the Ministry of agriculture and environment of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha made a Visual inspection of the terrain, locating four plastic containers containing a liquid, yellow, taking samples of this substance.

Agents of the Civil Guard They proceeded to identify and locate the owner of the land, proceeding his arrest. The team of Seprona of the Civil Guard Toledo instructed the relevant proceedings.

Europa Press

Cruelty beyond belief: A truck with five hundred cats rescued path of restaurants in China

These images show the time in which a truck with 500 Jacks was arrested during a routine check carried out in Xuzhou, in the Eastern Province of Jiangsu (China).

Scary: Some of the cats had been stuffed into bags with just enough space to breathe

Cats, in sorry state, they were stacked in cages towards food for sale as meat establishments.
Lucky for the animals, some of them had been stuffed into sacks, the truck was intercepted and subjected to control.

Once stopped the truck, the officers were surprised to verify the contents of the load.
The official Sun Hai, that contributed to the rescue of the terrified cats, said: “The driver asserted that the load was of rabbits”, but then, to discover the canvas they were surprised to see a lot of cages and sacks with living cats.

After the discovery, a group of volunteers belonging to an animal protection centre arrived quickly on the scene.
They opened the bags to save the animals about to die suffocated and were provided with food and water.

It is believed that the cargo owner refused to reveal the origin of cats and that even it took seven hours of negotiations the management to deliver them to rescue teams.

Cats have been transferred to an animal rescue Center in Tangzhang County, where being treated.
For a long time it has been condemning the treatment of animals in China, where cats and dogs are sold as food.
Previously, cats and dogs had been seen inside cages without space to move, many of them sick, in a market of live animals in Nanhai, China.

The caged animals: Many of the 500 cats were overcrowded in small cages in the back of the truck.

The market of the three birds, where cats live in small metal baskets, shall be deemed to operate as a market of poultry in southern China.

Dog meat is also believed that it is a staple food in this area of China and the people believe that it is the best meat to keep warm during the winter.

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Source: dailymail

An abused dog, with a can around the neck, rescued in the city of Dallas

The animal suffered because they were placed on his neck a tin box that left him very hurt.

A dog that roamed the streets of Dallas caught the attention of users on Facebook numbers who did not hesitate to express his point of view about the misfortune which suffered from the canine before being rescued.

It was the profile of Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, institution that is in charge of providing care and support to dogs and animals maltrados in the Lone Star State, who unveiled the case of cub.

It was a stray female dog, He had a tin box placed on your neck - probably starting by any person- and whose condition was deteriorating.

Profile account that the animal, found in a road near Dallas was in a State of malnutrition, with wounds in the neck and worms on the skin, It was also already infected.

The Agency vets proceeded to remove the oxidized brass of the neck with a pair of pliers and then sent the animal to Animal Allies of Texas, where appropriate care for their recovery gave.

Users who saw the pictures in the profile made comments as “Whoever that you've done this the dog, should do you the same”.

Others expressed their wish because the animal has soon recovered and did not have negative emotional sequences.

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Via: eluniversalsanantonio
Photos: dallasanimalservices

The shocking images of two bears forced to jump and perform acts of balance in a festival of acrobatics in China

Usually, a circus is a showcase for the best acrobats and contortionists that attracts artists from all over the world.

But this year a Chinese festival has sparked controversy by including black bears doing tricks of balance for the public.

You can observe how animals are forced to jump and walk the tightrope, While their caregivers have them grasped by a belt that you put in your mouth.

Another stands on a tightrope in a spectacle that lasts six minutes, While other two bears climb steel chairs to spin rings around their neck and then clap on the orders of his coaches.

Read moreThe shocking images of two bears forced to jump and perform acts of balance in a festival of acrobatics in China

Arrested for throwing a dog to the train tracks in Valencia

The alleged perpetrator adopted along with his son up to three dogs of a protector of animals

Agents of the national police of Valencia have arrested a man of 42 years accused of throwing a dog to the train tracks, He died hit, and that it had previously been adopted in a protective of animals.

The events took place about eight in the morning last Wednesday, When a young man travelling in your car at Valencia avenida Hermanos Machado observed how a man threw a dog to the train tracks and was leaving the place.

The young man he scolded by what he had just done, but the man ignored and left the dog in the developing, whose body was later found by Local police, He found that it came from a protective, Valencia.

According to the national police investigations, This protective had come a father and a son to adopt a dog, and later they returned claiming that had lost them the animal, so it took another.

Both repeated this action and were in total three dogs of this protective, days later received a call of a veterinary clinic in which a dog that had previously belonged to this Center and which had been adopted by the man and his son had been left abandoned. The protective took the dog back to the shelter.

The police found out the identity of the alleged perpetrator and the Monday morning, After locating it in the vicinity of your home, He was arrested. The dog run over by the train turned out to be the last taken.

The man, Spanish source and with the police, He is arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime relating to the wildlife and domestic animals and has already gone to court.


Young people use animals to practice stabs in Cartagena (Colombia)

Machete, stab wounds, shocks and burns, These are some of aggression who suffer many animals unprotected in Cartagena.

The complaint is the director of the environmental guard of this capital, Roberto Ruiz Moreno, "those who say that"the most affected are the donkeys, given that we have received at least five of these animals with serious injuries in less than four days, "especially with cuts and chuzadas deep". (Click here to read: Homeless animals Rescue Foundation).

It ensures that the research done by this body indicate that many of these injuries are caused by adolescents and young people who use the animals as white to practice techniques of fighting with weapons.

Treatment and adoption

Attacked donkeys have been found by the national police and the environmental guard in neighborhoods like Torices, Nariño, Daniel Lemaitre and others close to the Hill of La Popa.

"One of the saddest cases is that of a donkey that was recently given birth and was recovered in moments in which children of a sector of Nariño it were attacking with punches and even took her calf but we don't know where", features Roberto Ruiz.

The tortured animals remain at the headquarters of the environmental guard of Cartagena in the spirit mangrove Park, where they receive care from doctors of the Municipal unit of technical assistance agricultural (Umata).

Once healthy, It is expected that the donkeys are adopted by farmers from nearby Cartagena municipalities.

At last, Roberto Ruiz asks citizens to make them witnesses of attacks on animals, It reporting through the single line of emergency 123.


Brutal mistreatment of dogs in Brazil pet shop

Brazil police had to disperse a crowd of dog owners furious once the pictures of their pets being tortured in a pet store were broadcast on television.

The images show how the animals were abused in a shop (call four legs) in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. The woman who reported the video was outraged with aggression, Since the ill-treatment were constant and animals yelling in pain. Some left very bruised and traumatised after the beating received.

Found by the team of RJTV, the balloon for Rio de Janeiro chain channel, the owner of the establishment was surprised by allegations. He said that he never received complaints of ill-treatment.

The video was filmed by an anonymous witness.

“I understand when one takes a pet, It should be treated with love, because they have feelings. But this place was not so, they missed their ice water and docked you the mouth and banged them”, said the complainant witness.

The video shows how hits to defenseless animals, and miss them the snout water to drown them. Up to struck with objects and those tied. A docile Labrador that does not put resistance also will hit ruthlessly.

The owner recognized the aggressor as his son, Daniel, of 20 years. It only managed to apologize because this occurred at a time that she could not control him. “I am only sorry, I have nothing more to say”, the woman said.

VIDEO: Warning graphic content. Violent abuse of dogs in a store bathroom in Rio de Janeiro


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