Posted by pets | 21 November 2012

They denounce the massacre of 100.000 ducks a year in a granaja of foie gras in Teruel


The Organization for the rights of animals Animal equality has denounced the death of 100.000 ducks a year by the practices “irregular” during the process of production of foie gras, as the priming of the animals, Caracierzos farm, in Santa Eulalia de el Campo (Teruel), … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 9 November 2012

Arrested for causing the death of his dog with a poison – Toledo (Spain)


The Civil Guard It has stopped in Toledo to E.V.M., of 53 years of age, to cause the death of your dog with poison, placed in a container within a vineyard of your property, located in the municipal term of Lillo.

Los hechos que dieron origen a esta detención seRead the rest

Posted by pets | 2 November 2012

Cruelty beyond belief: A truck with five hundred cats rescued path of restaurants in China

Chinese cat

These images show the time in which a truck with 500 Jacks was arrested during a routine check carried out in Xuzhou, in the Eastern Province of Jiangsu (China).

Scary: Some of the cats had been stuffed into bags with just enough space to breathe

Cats, in … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 31 October 2012

An abused dog, with a can around the neck, rescued in the city of Dallas


The animal suffered because they were placed on his neck a tin box that left him very hurt.

Un perro que deambulaba en las calles de Dallas llamó la atención de números usuarios en Facebook quienes no dudaron externar su punto de vista sobre la desgracia que padeció el caninoRead the rest

Posted by pets | 28 October 2012

The shocking images of two bears forced to jump and perform acts of balance in a festival of acrobatics in China


Usually, a circus is a showcase for the best acrobats and contortionists that attracts artists from all over the world.

But this year a Chinese festival has sparked controversy by including black bears doing tricks of balance for the public.

Se puede observar como los animalesRead the rest

Posted by pets | 25 October 2012

Arrested for throwing a dog to the train tracks in Valencia


The alleged perpetrator adopted along with his son up to three dogs of a protector of animals

Agents of the national police of Valencia have arrested a man of 42 years accused of throwing a dog to the train tracks, He died hit, y que previamente había sido adoptadoRead the rest

Posted by pets | 24 October 2012

Young people use animals to practice stabs in Cartagena (Colombia)


Machete, stab wounds, shocks and burns, These are some of aggression who suffer many animals unprotected in Cartagena.

The complaint is the director of the environmental guard of this capital, Roberto Ruiz Moreno, "those who say that"the most affected are the donkeys, dado que en menos de cuatro díasRead the rest

Posted by pets | 19 October 2012

Brutal mistreatment of dogs in Brazil pet shop

abuse in Brazil

Brazil police had to disperse a crowd of dog owners furious once the pictures of their pets being tortured in a pet store were broadcast on television.

The images show how the animals were abused in a shop (call four legs) in … Read the rest

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