Posted by pets | 17 October 2012

It hangs to its neighbor in Granada dog because they bothered him his barking

A man from Ogijares (Granada), of 42 years and no police record, It has been brought to justice charged with strangled the dog of one of his neighbors because, apparently, you picked the bark.

As reported today by the Civil Guard in a statement, el hombre podría considerarse autor deRead the rest

Posted by pets | 13 October 2012

American bulldog is stabbed 23 times by the furious owner of another dog after a fight between two dogs.


– The Daisy dog Jenkins had gotten into a fight with another dog near her home

– The owner of the dog, Wayne Stearman, returned with two knives of 25 centimeters with the intention of stabbing the Bulldog

Uno de los golpes fue tan contundente que el cuchilloRead the rest

Posted by pets | 11 October 2012

A dog is running after the car of his family after being abandoned on the road

A sad and shocking recording. The images shows how a car stops on the road in the middle of the night, does a dog get out of the car and started leaving only.

Las imágenes son realmente duras y tristes ya que se puede ver cómo el perro corre desesperado tras el cocheRead the rest

Posted by pets | 7 October 2012

Kill cats in Benitez (Ceuta) by tying a rope to cause it to his – Spain

Cats in Beach Benitez - Ceuta

A few bathers were reported on the afternoon of the discovery of the bodies of a couple of cats that had caused his death by tying them with string, throwing them into the sea, for, Like this, cause that with his attempt of escape is ahorcaran. The animals were dead walk … Read the rest

Posted by tiadoc | 4 October 2012

Reported by mistreating German shepherds on a farm of Olius

farm animal abuse in Olius

The Mossos d ’ police have reported to a breeder to have on his farm of Olius a hundred of shepherd in terrible conditions of hygiene and health.

According to the Catalan police, They denounced the 29 from September to this neighbor of Solsona for an offence of abuse of … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 2 October 2012

Imprisonment and a fine for a man for killing blows a dog in Siero (Asturias) – Spain

The judge, It supported the indictment by the Prosecutor's Office of environment and town planning of the Principality of Asturias, highlights the “ruthless action” of the accused

The Penal Court number two of Oviedo has convicted a man for killing blows a dog of Mastiff breed in SIERO, in … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 7 September 2012

They hanging and then shoot three dogs in the vicinity of the Basque town of Txintxetru

FOTO-PRENSA - 2-1 - e1347021997104

Few days after the serious case of animal abuse of Errenteria (Gipuzkoa), the Association for an ethical treatment to animals (ATEA) It warns of another serious incident on similar dates in Alava. According to this Association in a press release, tres perros fueron presuntamente ahorcados yRead the rest

Posted by pets | 9 August 2012

Proposal of euthanasia for dogs that can cause any kind of injury to persons – Montreal (Canada)


The city of Montreal is trying to adopt a new regulation which runs automatically and compulsory euthanasia in cases in which a dog causes a person in a simple wound in the skin – sin importar el contexto de la gravedad de laRead the rest

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