It hangs to its neighbor in Granada dog because they bothered him his barking

A man from Ogijares (Granada), of 42 years and no police record, It has been brought to justice charged with strangled the dog of one of his neighbors because, apparently, you picked the bark.

As reported today by the Civil Guard in a statement, man could be considered an offence concerning the protection of the flora, Wildlife and pets.
The dog owner reported the dog missing the last day 7 October at the headquarters of the Guardia Civil in Armilla, where it stated that it was of a mixed animal for seven years and that presumably had escaped through a gate.
The police later found that one of the neighbors of the complainant had complained of a dog's bark, on the 0.30 on the last day 7, the guards of the urbanization that lives.

These guards, He had come to try to mediate the problem, they saw that the neighbour had managed to catch the dog with a rope and, When volunteered to take the animal to your House then return it to its owner, the neighbor shouted that they do not fall.

According to the Institute, at the same time the man pulling a rope, left suspended and kicking the dog until he died stifled.
Apparently then called his wife, they went to the animal died in a bag and this in the trunk of his car and immediately left the urbanization presumably to dispose of the body of the animal.

The alleged author of the death of the dog lacks the police and after testifying in yesterday afternoon to the Guardia Civil, It has been made available to the Court of Granada.


American bulldog is stabbed 23 times by the furious owner of another dog after a fight between two dogs.

    – The Daisy dog Jenkins had gotten into a fight with another dog near her home

    – The owner of the dog, Wayne Stearman, returned with two knives of 25 centimeters with the intention of stabbing the Bulldog

    – One of the blows was so overwhelming that the knife was bent in half, claimed a witness who described the scene as a “blood bath”

    – The Sr. Stearman was arrested for the incident, but he was released without charges

A dog died to being stabbed up to 23 times by the owner of another can.

Daisy Jenkins rocked as he lay dying to Tyson, a American bulldog.

Your dog had been attacked by another dog on the way towards her house in Hampstead in North London.

WARNING: Graphic images

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A dog is running after the car of his family after being abandoned on the road

A sad and shocking recording. The images shows how a car stops on the road in the middle of the night, does a dog get out of the car and started leaving only.

The images are really hard and sad because you can see how the dog is running desperate after the car until it can do no more and give up. Apparently, the video was recorded by a moviemakers that circulated after the dog family car in a town in Poland.

A video very hard and sad and, Unfortunately, something that happens very often.

Kill cats in Benitez (Ceuta) by tying a rope to cause it to his – Spain

A few bathers were reported on the afternoon of the discovery of the bodies of a couple of cats that had caused his death by tying them with string, throwing them into the sea, for, Like this, cause that with his attempt of escape is ahorcaran. The animals were dead at foot of beach, tied with a rope that prevented that one separated from another and a knot at the neck made in such a way that when one of the cats try to drag other, both were going to suffocate.

The dead cats were found in the Benitez Beach, and by his appearance hours before they would have been abused. The reason?? Everything points to the mere fun showing some abusing animals, doing things of this type or stoning them. Even 'feats' they recorded on video for later upload to the network to boast of what has been done. Yesterday, After the discovery of cats, the outrage was evident among users of the beach.
This type of abuse can be reported, as also the abandonment of animals, or the use of the same for clandestine dog fights which are made in some neighborhoods of the city, but they have failed to be detected by the security forces to punish those who organize them, they are related to the theft of animals.

For several months in another beach, of el Chorrillo, Red Cross volunteers found a dog that had also been left, and that their owners had placed a stone tied around his neck to force that, If dropped into water, He could not leave. Stories of this type, Although they are a cruel tone, are repeated in many cities of the country.

The owners of animals are looking for a way to rid of them causing them suffering, rather than attend protective for delivery. There is a protocol, coordinated through the 112, in the case that any citizen sees an abandoned animal or that is being abused may call for, through the single emergency telephone, know who alert.

Practical guide for reporting abuse

The PACMA - party in defense of animals- It has on its website a guide to inform citizens that denounce the ill-treatment that witness. In Spain, the liability protection, conservation and animal health is shared between the various public administrations, speaking in the same, In addition, various organs within a same administration, as it is the case of the General Administration of the State.

"We sometimes think that it is difficult to make a complaint or that should have specific knowledge to do this", but this is not true, "anyone can report without having a legal background", warns the PACMA. May be present or either an administrative complaint or even criminal if is considered is violated some precept of the criminal code in the area of animal protection, Since the protection of animals and plants is regulated.

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Reported by mistreating German shepherds on a farm of Olius

Maltrato animal en finca de Olius...The Mossos d ’ police have reported to a breeder to have on his farm of Olius a hundred of shepherd in terrible conditions of hygiene and health.

According to the Catalan police, They denounced the 29 from September to this neighbor of Solsona for a crime of mistreatment of animals, Once an endowment in Mossos located the dogs on the farm while conducting a preventive patrol.

Speaking to Europa Press, the Deputy Head of the police station of Solsona, Xavier Vilella, He explained that a dozen of dogs “they had parasites and skin lesions” due to disease and poor nutrition, and they were without food or water.

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Imprisonment and a fine for a man for killing blows a dog in Siero (Asturias) – Spain

The judge, It supported the indictment by the Prosecutor's Office of environment and town planning of the Principality of Asturias, highlights the “ruthless action” of the accused

The Penal Court number two of Oviedo has convicted a man for killing blows a dog of Mastiff breed in SIERO, in the summer of 2010. In particular, the sentence the accused to three months in prison and one year of disqualification for the exercise of profession , trade or trade related animals, the payment of the costs of the trial and to, in respect of civil liability, compensation paid to the owner of the dog with 800 EUR.

The judge, It supported the indictment by the Prosecutor's Office of environment and town planning of the Principality of Asturias, highlights the “ruthless action” of the accused, “It was only interrupted when he was discovered” by the owner of the animal. The sentence is not firm and against her should be appeal to the Provincial Court.

The judgment considers proven that, in the early hours of the 28 to the 29 in August of 2010, in Aveno (SIERO), the accused, L. A.. (L)., He gave numerous and violent beatings with a long and heavy object to a dog of Mastiff breed Spanish, It led to a different injury intensive, with crushing of lumbar vertebrae that caused the paralysis of the posterior third, as well as bleeding at the abdominal level. The serious injury suffered by finally caused the death of the animal.

The Prosecutor's Office of environment and planning accused the defendant of a crime of animal abuse. According to collect the judgment, L. A.. L. “He hit with a metal bar the dog repeatedly for various parts of body (e) printed strong shock, which is inferred from the gravity of the injuries that appreciated the veterinarian”. This “ruthless action” only interrupted“When was discovered” by the owner of the Mastiff, which is why “It can be noted that the accused wanted to kill the animal”.

“The martyrdom which was for the dog being subjected to these repeated and violent blows with the bar, followed by the painful agony that had to undergo because of serious injuries inflicted until he died, present us with a “modus operandi” Developer of a particular cruelty”.

The court give full credibility to the testimony of the owner of the bitch, describing as“precise, detailed and fully convincing”. This explained in the view that, “on the three and the morning peak, he woke up to hear the screams of the bitch and looked out the window, seeing the animal lying on side, trying to get up, and a subject wearing an elongated instrument, stick type, in the hand”. For this reason, points failure, “He went to the lantern and focused on the individual, well seeing that it was the accused”.

Below, women “He ran to warn her sister down, I slept in another room, and went out to the outside, where was found the dog badly, I was going in direction to a few pine trees, crawling and falling back”. Since the dog was aggressive by the pains that had, they waited lunch next time to pick it up with a blanket and take it to the veterinarian. He died hours later. -ep

They hanging and then shoot three dogs in the vicinity of the Basque town of Txintxetru

Few days after the serious case of animal abuse of Errenteria (Gipuzkoa), the Association for an ethical treatment to animals (ATEA) It warns of another serious incident on similar dates in Alava. According to this Association in a press release, three dogs were allegedly hanged and later shot at the end of August in Trintxetru (Álava).

ATEA explains in its letter that it has been informed that the past 27 August towards the 19:00 hours, a person became aware of the presence of three dogs hanging from two trees in an area close to the railway, on the road that leads to Ezkerekotxa, Km. 19,4 (Highway A-3110), at the intersection with San Millán. The person who discovered the stage gave the Ertzaintza immediately advise, one whose patrol arose shortly after in the scene, opening performance, and noting that the larger animal, a female - pregnant - Hound, She had been shot with a bullet cartridge, While the other two dogs, smaller, they had been with posta ammunition. According to the inquiries carried out in situ by agents, the author or authors of such heinous crime hung first animals and then proceeded to shoot them. It was also found that the dog was microchip.

According to this organization, not shown them the Ertzaintza has sent a report to the Court "despite the seriousness of the facts", something about what atheist tried to gather information as "very worrying that not have occurred corresponding shipment of the crowded court". "From the police station in Vitoria-Gasteiz, It was reported that they are not authorized to provide the required data", Add. For this reason, the possibility of that body of the Ertzaintza has been rejected submission of the mandatory report which has, ATEA filed last Wednesday a complaint in the central courts of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Apparently, the next day of the facts, the animals were collected by the service that the Diputación Foral de Álava has the effect, and it is assumed that incinerated.

ATHEIST believes that the events could well qualify for article 337 of the criminal code, he prays: By any means or process abuse unjustly an animal home or amansado, causing death or injury which would seriously impair her health, shall be punished with imprisonment from three months to one year of imprisonment and special disqualification for one to three years for the exercise of profession, "trade or commerce that relate to the animals".

Last but not least, ATHEIST wants to call the citizenship so that it is not arms crossed at any fact which is victim of an innocent animal, "because only in this way we will achieve a society of truth worthy of carrying the pompous title of"progressive"".

Source: diariovasco

Proposal of euthanasia for dogs that can cause any kind of injury to persons – Montreal (Canada)

The city of Montreal is trying to adopt a new regulation which runs automatically and compulsory euthanasia in cases in which a dog causes a person in a simple wound in the skin – regardless of the context of the severity of the injury.

Under the current law-, a dog may be sentenced to death at the discretion of an official of the city. If the official considers that the dog is a danger to public safety or if the dog has bitten and caused a wound requiring stitches, the dog will be sacrificed.

In other words, If your dog does some scratch to a person, Automatic dog can be sacrificed.

According to the animal protective society of Montreal, the City Council intends to take a decision on the regulation proposal at its next meeting, on Monday 20 August.

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Video of Wicca, a Pitbull He was murdered after having saved the life of his owner.

History of Wicca

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